Saturday, December 27, 2003

Thanks Kell again for this website. I always look for updates from this guy. Was watching his "Street Fighters" short film movie. Looks pretty cool. :D

The picture he has of the ChRistMas tree on his main page makes me feel warm like hot chocolate inside. Christmas came and went *snap*, like that. I think the anticipation of Christmas is actually more exciting than the actual DAY day. It'd be a whole year before it would come again, but I'm glad I'll get another chance to enjoy it when it comes again. It'll be here before I know it.

Re-Read Bridget Jones's Diary & came across......

Reminded of favorite poem by Wendy Cope which goes:

At Christmas little children sing and merry bells jingle.
The cold weather air makes our hands and faces tingle,
And happy families go to church and cheerily they mingle,
And the whole business is unbelievably dreadful if you're single.

Only Bridget Jones. Heard they were coming out with a second one. How'd I know? I've got my sources. Will definately catch it when I can.

Meanwhile, I'll just enjoy New Year's and voicemail on my phone. Someone call me and leave a message. I have awesome reception everywhere I go, so I can pick-up the phone. Therefore, I can't hear a message addressed to bloody me. Me. Me. Me.

Must run and do some movement of the muscles. Don't want to hear "Ooh, you're all squashy" when being hugged, like Bridget Jones. Nah...

:O *yawn* Will practice non-movement of muscles tonight and movement tomorrow. Buenas noches.

Friday, December 26, 2003

Merry Christmas everyone!!! :D
Damn! I missed it. I wanted the bottom to read "Thu Dec 24, 011:59:49 PM".

Anywho' cell number everyone!! 626-277-6593. WITH voicemail!! :D

Okay....finished watching "Good Times, Bed Times". Very sleepy now. Hitting the sack. Night everyone.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Many apologies to the people who tried calling/texting me. In the process of changing people. From At&T to Cingular. T-Mobile...plans aren't as good. My phone has been off since forever. I miss it.

New plan, new phone.....with new voicemail!! :D I have VOICEMAIL!!

I get phone actiivated today. HOpefully, will be able to buy my number once and for all. If not, then I have to change numbers. Boo.

HOpe everyone's enjoying their break~!!

Friday, December 12, 2003

I'm done!! I'm FREEEEE!!! work. Boo. Kinda free.
T.I.T.S is really good. I love the storyline. I love the scenery. They filmed it in Japan, Rome, Italy...oh, it's so pretty over there. I wanna go tooo. :D

Tape 3 &4 tonight. Can't wait.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

ONE MORE FINaL!! Hurry up & come!!
Finished two more today. Must give a big woot woot to DB for her helping me study. I actually think I did okay, knock on wood. One of DB's acronyms to help me remember the symptoms to HIV:



As weird as it may sound, the sentence ran across my head as I came across the question: Of the following, which are NOT symptoms of HIV?

BTW, does anyone know how to get spaghetti stains out of a white sweatshirt? The spaghetti jumped off the fork and onto my beautiful white "Jazz at Schurr '97" sweatshirt.'s now white with orange spots. I don't like polka-dots. It's taunting me too. Hi Hollie. I'm still here. You can't clean me off. Bye bye now!

Bad spaghetti, BAD.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

PiCs from our fabulous night out on Kelly's driveway.......

Okay.....1 down, 3 more to go. Go GO Go!!! :D
Almost done, then T.I.T.S (Triumph in the Skies)!! Heh hEh... my long awaited soap opera....after finals, I begin! Knowing my lack of self-control, I decided to wait until after finals. I wish THURSDAY would come already!!!

How's finals for everyone else?

Thursday, December 04, 2003

It's the "Holiday Armadillo" episode!!! Where's Kermit!! :D Teehee...

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

This week is almost finally over. Just one more long day tomorrow for me and FINALS!!
Sara, week almost over. Uno mas dias!! *woot woot*!!

Stuart and I had a blast watching it last night. funny! Poor Kelly had to listen to me laugh about it online yesterday.

I'm actually in the computer lab at school. My psychology teacher said, "Turn in your term paper and go away cause I have nothing to say to you." :D So I'm here now...typing up, yet another study guide. Took a break and googled "The Simple Life."

This is what I found:

It's obvious Paris and Nicole live very different lives than most people in the United States. What do you think is the most surprising thing they had never heard of?

-what Wal-Mart is
-what a well is for
-what the word generic means
-what a soup kitchen is
-what pigs feet are

ALLL of those cracked me up. Har har har har..! Sara said Damon said that they make Jessica Simpson look like a genius. :D But I think out of the 2, Nicole Richie is the more down to earth one. She actually knew what Walmart and Sav-On's was. Har har hAr. It's on again tonight at Fox at 8:30!! Har Har Har HOR.

Monday, December 01, 2003

This weekend....

The four of us, so spontaneous. Left or right....3 freeways, take your pick...left or fun! We eventually ended up at Westwood Village. Found a space by Cindy's apartment. 5 people watching me park and instructing me how to park and where to park made me very nervous, making me park baaad. Sorry guys, I promise will not drive next time. I don't like UCLA Emergency Car. They stoopid. Seriously, we had NO idea why they were just double-parked next to my dinky Corolla. Maybe cause we just hot and they jealous. *sizzle*

BJ's was least, their fries were good. No olives and more mushrooms next time.
I had the funnest time in the driveway at Kelly's house. Never making my monkey face again. O_O Ra's gonna zoom in and make it dance around the car. :P Post 'em pictures~!

We must do it again soon!

Got this off of Debby's xaanga.

A + You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.
B + You are always cautious when it comes to meeting new people.
C + You definitely have a partier side in you, dont be shy to show it.
D + You have trouble trusting people.
E + You are a very exciting person.
F + Everyone loves you.
G + You have excellent ways of viewing people.
H + You are not judgemental.
I + You are always smiling & making others smile.
J + Jealousy.
K + You like to try new things.
L + Love is something you deeply believe in.
M + Success comes easily to you.
N + You like to work, but you always want a break.
O + You are very open-minded.
P + You are very friendly and understanding.
Q + You are a hypocrite.
R + You are a social butterfly.
S + You are very broad-minded.
T + You have an attitude, a big one.
U + You feel like you have to equal up to people's standards.
V + You have a very good physical and looks.
W + You like your privacy.
X + You never let people tell you what to do .
Y + You cause a lot of trouble.

And this is mine....

H + You are not judgemental.
O + You are very open-minded.
L + Love is something you deeply believe in.
L + Love is something you deeply believe in.
I + You are always smiling & making others smile.
E + You are a very exciting person. <-- I don't know about this one. I beg to differ.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Argh....where do I start?

Today was about THE most hectic day at work. I was only suppose to go in till 2 in the afternoon. Rachel had a trip to Disneyland and I was only there to cover for her, referral-wise (which has to be done daily) and that's it. As the same ol' story goes, I was not able to leave till about 15 minutes ago and it is about 6 o' clock in the EVENING right now. Patients everywhere are coming in so they can see the doctors before the holidays. I went through about 30 referrals today, plus serving her royalty, my manager doing everything and anything. It was non-stop today. I am so frickin' tired. I still have a damn term paper to write.

But in midst of all this chaos, I received 2 text messages that made me LOL and SMILE OUT LOUD:

From a vely special person: phone phone're on the phone phone. :D

This one got a woot! woot! outta me: <-- Naw seriously, I really DID smile out loud.

Now who won't say WOOT WOOT to that!! And we will be united once again!! Power to the Turkey who is bringing everyone home. To me, of course. ;D

Plans...we must make them. Call me people!

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

I was in psychology the other day and Professor Abdelhammid (<-- much easier than Tammy's last name.) was lecturing on sleeping. This girl raises her hand and tells the class that she has a friend that sleeps with her eyes open.

The Professor gets all grossed out and starts making fun of PEOPLE WHO SLEEP WITH THEIR EYES OPEN. Of course, I didn't laugh. Nothing funny about NORMAL things. ;D Heehee.

Life has been pretty good so far. Only 3 more weeks of schoool, including finals and I'm done done done!! I absolutely CANNOT wait. I found this recipe on how to make Cereal Christmas Wreaths that you can eat. Was thinking about making that with Paige. Looks pretty easy. Ha! Riite.

Some things on my mind and hopefully, after breakfast on Sunday with Sara will help clear things in my head. Really need to kinda, just talk it through.

As for now, that's it. I always come across fun stuff to write about for you guys to read when I have no access to a computer. So by the time I do have access to one, I have forgotten it already.

Oh wellies...till then. :D

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

hKaPpLe: wut cha doing
starmienite: studying for the KIN test tomorrow
hKaPpLe: crush calculator
hKaPpLe: try that I did as I was told...and this was what i got.... @

Opssss... You have been fooled!

An email with the information (on the right) [Who I entered into the boxes as my crushes] has been sent to Amy ( and anytime soon, he/she will know who your crushes are.

We are sorry and sincerely hope you don't mind! Just like Amy, you get a chance to fool others and get their crush list emailed to your mailbox!

You can't change the past but why not have some fun for yourself and fool someone else?

Click here to fool someone else!

If you are still confused, visit our CrushCalculator @ website to get a detailed explanation on how the prank works.

.....HA....but I wasn't that crush was......Vaness Wu!! Heh Heh. But that's kinda mean and sneaky though to send it to someone. That's kinda private. If you want to know, then ask. If they don't tell you, then leave it.

If I did put a real crush there, this would be the last thing I would do:
hKaPpLe: so i need the e-mail
hKaPpLe: n ur answers for midterm tomrorow


Tuesday, November 04, 2003


On Happy Pumpkin Day...
Boss left mighty early, leaving just me and Helen. woot woot! :D We were able to leave on time, on the dot at 6 o' clock. Hurried my ass up on home, so I could make some candy apples with Sara! Well, it didn't turn out the way it was suppose to. I just kinda ended up eating it like I did to a Caramel Apple pop. Just licking off the caramel. MmmMmmMm. In between Sara's "Hollie! That's TOO MUCH caramel!"& our "Is it suppose to look like that?" , kids were coming and going. A coming Pikachu stepped back cause I yelped, "IT'S PIKACHU!!!" Sara says I scared him. Heehee. Paige and Catalina stopped by. Yay! My aunty says mucho thanks for the Halloween goodies!! They were our last victims of the night.

We went to Blockbuster's to rent an appropriate movie for Pumpkin Night. We kinda got side-tracked and ended up renting "Down with Love." :*) Heehee. Sorry Sara...still can't figure who that chick is.
Can't wait to have Kelly and Ra back so we can have a Turkey Day? :D

On the Day after Pumpking Day...
Today was Loann's big day!! It was SOO much fun!! I arrived at work so Helen could do my hair. She was running an hour late, so we didn't really have that much time! Helen managed to get my vely vely fine hair to curl. She accidentedly sprayed mousse on the side of my face and Rachel said, "You could mess up your part. Don't mess up mine!" (She was my "make-up" lady. ) I felt like a movie star, being fussed over. Teehee. So we were done with both hair and makeup and was outta there in 15.

The wedding was held at Sam Woo Seafood Palace, in the Focus plaza on San Gabriel. Banquet was suppose to start at 6, we didn't get there till 7, we didn't eat till 8. Ha! :D We weren't that late. Heehee. We took a BUNCH of pictures to entertain ourselves. (What happened to all the fun pictures? Got lost somewhere when I e-mailed it to myself. Damn. ) :D

Everything was good (except the food and the music...they played this song in Chinese that's equivalent to the "Rocky" song. Why, I have NO idea. It made us laugh though as we each struck our kung-fu moves. WHaaAhhh..Bruce Lee style!)

We left around 11:30, with 2 drunks, a red-faced, red-eyed, red-necked itchy Karrie, a boss high on life, and us. What a crowd. :D

Thursday, October 30, 2003

So "mid-terms" are kinda over...but then again, I have three more exams in 2 weeks. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. All in a row. Sweeet. I'm still burnt out from the last batch of exams. Sometimes, I really really hate the quarter system. Go! Go! Go! is all you ever hear. *Blah*

Anywhos, I had my Animal Biology lab today. We were observing Siamese fighting fish who rode an airplane all the way from Thailand (or so the professor says), just so we can see them turn red in the belly. These male fishies are very territorial. They puff their gills, flare their fins, and turn RED when you put them next to another male. So cool to watch!! This guy brings up a beeker with a fish inside and asks Professor Khollesi, "Is this male or female? They crossed out female." (Guess they couldn't make up their mind.) Professor Khollesi proclaims that he has seen better males, so he ain't all that sure if it's a male or female.

The guy with the beeker walking back to his lab table, "Maybe it's in between."

Even fishes can be saranormal!! Heehee. Tomorrow's Halloween. Very excited about learning how to make smores and candy apples. Sara says candles don't melt marshmellows. Booo. It'd be so cool to sit outside, each of us with their own candle, and just ROAST, baby, ROAST! :D

So, my studying awaits. Until then. Y'alls just have yourself a nice frickin' day.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Someone decided to use the Camry as a scratching pad where they scratched a " * " as big as my hand on the side of the car.


I bet they're worth a lot down in Hell. They really should take that "How Much Your Soul is Worth?" test that Kelly linked on her blog.
BOO on them. Just BOOooOoooOOoo.

Monday, October 20, 2003

Pearl's birthday Laua...SucCess!! *Must find USB port to load pictures*

We went there 2 hours earlier to help Amy decorate. Duude...Dr. Lam's community is nice!! We arrived later than we expected. I pulled up to the gate and said importantly to the security guard, "We are the guests of Dr. Eddie Lam." He gives us a parking permit and we head on in. First, we had to drive to Dr. Lam's house to pick up the key to the clubhouse. His directions: After you get past the gate, you make a right, left, right, left, left, right, straight, left. (that's how big the community was!!) His house is the one with the pumpkin and the Frankenstein. As we drove there, we saw parked outside all these huge houses, were these BMW's, Porsche's, Lexus, Mercedes',.....and here we are, in my tiny dinky little Corolla.

We ended up passing his house because the little green man in front of his house was not Frankenstein, it was a UFO martian. We finally got the key to the club house. We decorated and decorated. The place looked great!! So festive. :D

We waited outside by the flaming torches to lei all the guests as they came in. Everything went pretty smoothly...though, thank you so very much to Sara and to DB for lending me their music. They needed such a variety of music! Musical chairs music, Limbo music, and unfortunately, STRIPPING music. (I used "Fever" by Michael Buble.)

What was the stripping music for? For the doctor's to do lap dances on top of PEARL!! They tied her up in the chair and blindfolded her. full of doctors, doing lap dances to my manager, no less! I'd have to say, Dr. Lam, we knew how he put himself through Med school at USC. He was so good, it was scary. He put frosting on Pearl and licked it off of her. Yes, L-I-C-K-E-D. I will never look at Dr. Lam the same. Ever.

This was to stall till the real thing arrived. A real live breathing STRIPPER.

He came as a policeman (typical). He was white/hispanic. Okay looking, till he started stripping down to a G-string. There was literally JUST a string, nothing else! He said, "Now I want you ladies to spread your legs nice and wide for me when I make my rounds." All three of us looked at each other, "What the frickin' hell! He's going to come over here!" Thank goodness I was sitting by a table cause that's where I hid my legs.

He did some, er, stuff to Pearl. (Ew, he actually touched her titties, that little pervert) He started to come over to Helen, Rachel, Carol, and me. You know what we did? We ran! You know what he did? He came after us! He said, "What game are we playing, Run Away From the Stripper?" So finally, he went after the Hispanics. They were mucho brave and actually put $$$ down his G-string. After he was done, he looked over at us three. I ended up in the corner. When he was standing in front of me, package and all in my face, I started waving my arms and saying "I don't have any money!" His reply, "No, you're thinking, 'Oh, I hope the stripper doesn't find me!!!"
Then he slaps my butt, rubs his side on me, and leaves!! I call sexual harassment!!

I didn't want him touching me and I didn't want to touch him either. Us three have strippers EVER for anyone's party.

So those were my first experiences. Exotic doctor dancers and a stripper. First one was just hilarious and second one, not so pleasant.

DB, don't tell Yee Ma. :D

Friday, October 17, 2003

Tomorrow will be Pearl's luau. It's the big 5-0 and the company thought they'd throw her a surprise birthday party. Dr. Lam offered the clubhouse in his..."town"? down in Cerritos. (One of those private communities...sigh...the life of a doctor)

Amy, one of my co-workers, spent over $200 on decorations! Us four and her are the decorating committee!! We have "TEA-KEE" lights, grass skirts for the tables, candles (my idea, of course. Hopefully, K & S, I won't set off the smoke alarm again.), fake fruit, anything Hawaiian, Amy bought!! She bought one of everything from the Hawaiian section at Party City. She actually wants us to cut tea leaves from the tree in our parking lot for the party!! I'm glad I'm short. Helen has to climb up there and do the sawing. HehHeh. Pays to be shorter.

I borrowed a blue Hawaiian shirt with white and red flowers from Stuart. (He actually suggested my aunty to wear his red white and blue Hawaiian shirt on the 9/11 Rememberance Day.) I borrowed some "PUC-CA" shells from my Aunty and Debby. Just gotta grab my khaki's and I'm ready to work at Banana Bay!!

Dr. Chen suggested the girls wear coconut shells and hawaiian skirts. We said, if he'd do it, then we'd do it. Ha. I'd like to see him fit his boobies in two cocunut shells.

Will be taking pictures. I need to learn how to erase the pictures from my digital camara.
More about it tomorrow!!!

Have a good one, Everyone!!!!! :D

Thursday, October 16, 2003


With Love from
The Freak

P.S. You're gonna have to pretend that it's gigantic, cause all I know is how to bold it. HeeHee

Wednesday, October 15, 2003


I love you, Soul Mate. You know where to find me.
Somebody has to change that. ----------------------------------------->
I'm not a Beach anymore. I'm know what, I don't know what CSULA has for their mascot. Oh well. :D

These coming few weeks is gonna be busy. Midterms all around! The only thing keeping me optismitic is that Thanksgiving, then Christmas is just around the corner. My WHOLE family will be there for Thanksgiving dinner, well, from my Dad's side at least.

My semi-new aunt, Regina, is very family oriented. This is one of the best things in the world! I normally saw my Uncle maybe once a year, sometimes even less. But since my Uncle married Regina, I've seen all 3 of them (Regina has a little girl named Catalina from her previous marrriage) almost 4 times already since January. We're actually having Thanksgiving dinner at their house this year!! She's making turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, the works!

Thanksgiving gonna be great this year. :D

Monday, October 13, 2003


Now the gun is lifted away from my head. :]


Saturday, October 11, 2003

Kudos to the very happy camper who made $700+ with less than a week's worth of planning. Send pics of new do, please.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

I really should be studying, but the humming of the CPU is just calling for me, so I went to it and here I am. I went to your blog, Kelly, and clicked on the "PudgeeFeet" link, just to see what was keeping you entertained. :D I started clicking PudgeeFeet's links and found this guy named Eugene Wu. I was looking at all the pictures he took of all the places he went to. Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Shang Hai...and I was like wow...some of these were really good. I wondered if he was a photographer and wha la!!

Vely vely nice pictures. It sounded like so much fun!!! Going out to all those different places and taking all these really interesting pictures that just tells you all about the culture! know! I'm going to do that one day. Go out and see the world....

Okay, I've come back to reality. But seriously, I will one freakin' day.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

I love the Track team! They had practice today so they closed the track. No running! Woot woot!We'll have to run it Monday, but procrastination is the best. :D

We watched a video today in my psychology class on an assassin named the "Ice Man". This guy killed close to 200 people!! He couldn't even remember the number! It was an HBO interview, so they showed the distorted corpses of the actual victims. Like gag me with a spoon? I couldn't eat my "cha siu" for lunch cause it made me think of the packaged arms he sawed off and mailed out. *gag gag*

DB, I have no idea why you would ever want to be a forensics person. It makes my stomach flip upside down just thinking of it. *gaaaaag*

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I have to run the Mile tomorrow for KIN lab. I haven't done that since......since.....8th grade!? Someone go to the CSULA track tomorrow and gather what's left of me.

Maybe I can just pretend to faint. I'm very good at that. "Catch me. I feel faint." :D

Haha. So today I went to go visit Helen, my co-worker, who's doing her volunteer hours in my Aunty's classroom. She's a teacher [ ;) I remembered to mention it this time. No more confusion. Hee. ] This Hispanic kid comes up to us and asks Helen, "Who is that?" and Helen tells him, "She's my friend." [blank stare from him] "She's mah amiga. Ugh." Getting as hispanic gangster as an Asian can get.

The kids were all fun. Couldn't remember my name, though. Then again, it was my first day. I'll be doing my own hours this next quarter. I'm kind of intimidated. Helen has some pretty big shoes to fill!!

Till then. :D

Friday, October 03, 2003

We were having lunch today. We "pho"ed it. Heehee. Just sitting around the patient beds, with our bowls of pho, and Pearl throws out a line that makes everyone stop eating.

She says, "I want blue hair." She was dead serious. Imagine, Pearl, my manager, having BLUE hair. And she was saying my highlights were getting light. At least, mine are a pretty GOLD color.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

DB: Don't come here if it bores the hell outta you. Go AWAY. :D

Yesterday was F-U-N, FUN! I am completely not use to having people I can talk to in class...having people to eat lunch with....having people to walk to the parking structure with! I met some of Amy's friends. Very very nice peeps.
I was kinda intimidated by all my classes at first, but I think I'll be okay. :D Also, good news people, at least for me...I've cut my book costs from $400 to $125!!! *clap cLap claap*

And so, I begin the very boring section of describing to you my classes:..
My psychology professor is pretty easy-going. My favorite chapter is the sex section!! you. My favorite part is not that part (heh heh), but during that chapter, he'll be showing Sex and the City!! Makes sense. He'll probably be showing a lot of Samantha's theories. TeeHee. It's a lot better than the "Miracle of Life" video we have to watch in my Child Development class. I like AIDEN. And Mr. Big too.

Well, that's it for now, folks!

To D & S
I thought of another con for the car. It goes too fast. ;D
(oh, how that will suck...hahaha)

P.S. "But thanks again JACKASS! And thanks for 'toasting' me the ENYA CD." --> You're vely vely vely welcome.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Today was my first day of school at Cal State LA. I have sunk back down to being a freshmen. There I was, first day of school, and aboslutely no idea where I was. I had my map of the school in one hand and my schedule of classes in the other. The Biology building was nowhere to be found. So, I put my pride aside and decided to ask the next friendly face, "Excuse me, can you please point out where I am on this map?"

Thank goodness I went to school 90 minutes before my class.
Good news: I was able to locate all my classes beforehand. :D

Bad news: I spent 400 hard-earned dollars on only 4 books.

Good news: Photo-copying two, returning the BIO book that professor said was not really necessary to get an A (That book cost $104.59...sheesh...that's an arm, a leg, a thigh. And I have big thighs!)


Sara: Thanks for updating my blog for me. Heehee. See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 09, 2003


like *whoa* what the heck happened to blogger?

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

It's been about a month and a half since I last posted anything. Then and now, surprisingly, is different. At that time, everyone was here. With me. Now, everyone has returned to their own second home, while I'm still here, at my first home.

Even though this summer KRSH hasn't been able to really hang out, I'm glad we had left with a *bang* our last night. Espiecially, in my yard. I don't need drugs to be high. All I need is KR and I'm gone. :D Thanks for a blast, KRS!

Sunday, July 20, 2003

I woke up this morning from a horrifying dream of my mom passing on hair lice to me. *shudder* They were white and gross.
We went to Carl's Jr for lunch before Shelby's b-ball game. While we were eating at Carl's Junior's restuarant, Shelby told me a funny story.

My dad had went into the same Carl's Jr to buy lunch. He placed his order and as always, requested a receipt. (He believes that if we ever died from their food, we'd have the receipt to prove that we ate there. Go figure.) He realized that the total was cheaper than he had expected. He took a look at the receipt. Below the total, was a 10% discount. To the left of the 10%, it said "Senior Discount."

My dad looks like a senior citizen!

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, APES!! <--pretend that's really really BIG.
This weather, I swear, is going to be the last of me. I hate sweating. It makes me sticky and gross. *drip*

I was just reading Ra's journal, my only update on what's going, since I've been so busy rolling in the dough. He said something that made me feel comforted.
Taken from his journal:

i wish i could be like those people sometimes, living in the moment and just dealing with crap when it happens. i'm a worrywort. i'm so scared of so many things right now.
(end quote)

As am I. Ask Sara, how many times she has to say, "Ay Hollie, stop being such a worrywart." I worry about everything and anything. I worry about if I did something wrong at work and the consequences that come, I worry about if an unintentional comment I had made had hurt someone's feelings, I worry about the future, basically...just life in general. My mom says I've inherited my grandma's worrywart-ness.

I guess that's just something I have to work on. Boo. Something else to do with my summer. Heehee.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Last post, June 24. That was almost 3 weeks ago. It's been so long.
Reason being that not much has been going on. All it has been is work work work. Because I need money money money. For school school school. That sucks sucks sucks. :)

I am so tired. Debby and I went swimming this morning. And here I am at work. I feel so...refreshed right now. Ahhhh. Kirsten's rather quiet today, so the room is soleeemmnn. Today is half day, so I'm here till 3ish.

Cliffnotes / Sparknotes / MaxNotes / Pinkmonkey notes version:
saw sara, ra, and kendo (as DB puts it) on Monday. shopping at the Town Center to return my sunglasses because they were too tight for my head. major headache from "strectching them out". My craving for Rite-Aid Chocolate Malted Crunch also has been satisfied. What is up with these ice-cream cravings? I have one right now for...french vanilla...the Dreyers kind. mmmm..

okay...enough of my cravings. must get to work. kirsten has started. more laters!
y'alls just have a good day now. :)


Tuesday, June 24, 2003

You are MARLIN!
What Finding Nemo Character are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Haha. I'm your dad, Ra!

Thursday, June 12, 2003

At work during my lunch hour. Am sooo bored. Kelly's busily taking her finals, Sara's at work, and Ra's probably off finding Nemo (I did hear that he found him.) Lotsa people telling me I should go see it. Kazaa, here I come!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

This one day I came home as usual and noticed that the patch of weeds in front of our house was gone. Instead, I saw a huge group of broken skewer sticks about 2 inches tall, sticking out from above the dirt. I was about to pull them out, when my mom stuck her head out the door and told me to leave them.

"Damn cats always use our weed patch as a litter box." she says. "When their little asses squat down for a poop, they're up for a surprise. A stick up their you know what!"

My mom is mean, with a sense of humor. (But, our little patch don't smell no more.)
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. The road to success is not straight.There is a curve called Failure, a loop called Confusion, speed bumps called Friends,red lights called Enemies, caution lights called Family. You will have flats called Jobs. But, if you have a spare called Determination, an engine called Perseverance, insurance called Faith, a driver called JESUS, you will make it to a place called Success.

I'm getting over it. My spare tire is in use. Determined to be have a smile on my face. :D

Saturday, June 07, 2003

The same comment was said to me again yesterday. It hurts as much as all the other times it was said. The comment makes me feel misunderstood. I get really frustrated because I really want to get things straightened out. I feel bad. Even now, I still feel bad. I had a break away from this at work, but driving home, I was alone and got to thinking again. Eventually, in a round about way, I came across the comment again. Maybe this week I can get it straightened out. :-(

Friday, June 06, 2003

I was just in the kitchen, where my mom made me dance the Cha-Cha with her to "Rock Your Body" by Justin Timberlake.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

Yeterday, Debby and I went to go pick up Shelby at Justin's house. They were doing a rocket project. Afterwards, all three of us hit up Carl's Jr for some to-go dinner.

Shelby ordered a #5 for $4.69 and I ordered 4 Slamemrs for $1.99. The total came out to $9.16. Debby and Shelby thought that was a little funny. So we questioned it. The cashier-in-training said the total was right, plus tax. I asked her, "The total is about $7 and the tax is $2?" That's some expensive tax! Her response to my question, "Yeah, I guess. See. here's the receipt. The tax is $2." Looking at the receipt, I told her, "The receipt says 55 cents tax." She didn't know how to push #5 combo, so she charged us the burger, fries, and drink individually, making it cost more. She looked at us blankly and said, "I don't know." Her look said, "So what do you want me to do? Next in line!" I asked her, "Could he help us?" *pointing at the manage in gray* He asks us what happened and he asks me, "So you ordered a #6?" I'm like, "No, a number 5." She even pushed the wrong burger! His reply, "Are you sure?" Jackass, I think I know what I ordered. Debby and Shelby, as my witnesses, heard me repeat the order to her twice and she repeated it back to me with a #5 combo. The manager gave me back 50 cents and gave me a look like, you gave us all this trouble for 50 cents. She over charged me almost 2 bucks! And that's all I got back. She was a cashier-in-training, so I didn't want to be the bitch that made her first day at work helI. So I just said, "Forget it."

I am never going back to the Carl's on Beverly. The slammers didn't even taste as good as the one by ELAC. We laughed about that incident on our way home. We're going to tell Carl that you took two dollars away from me.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Shelby is yelling at me cause I keep playing the same song over and over on Winamp. So I like the song! *putting both palms face down behind neck, till arms are perpedicualr to ground, then putting elbows together, then apart, then together, then apart. Doing it faster* Sucka! :P Talk about brotherly love.

This past week I've been at work, having the time of my life. The weekend didn't treat me any worse. On Saturday, went to work, then chinese. Afterwards, we got picked up by my mom, dad, and Uncle Patrick. We were suppose to eat dinner together at this Japanese restaurant down in Arcadia. Uncle Patrick showed us this house that was on was a frickin' mansion!

5 bedrooms (3 of which are master bedrooms, all 3 include their own restrooms)
4.5 restrooms (including the 3)
1 kitchen
1 dining room
1 den
1 living room (huge, I might add!)
a backyard big enough for a regular size backyard plus a pool

Asking price: $780,000
Oh, no prob. Let me go through my pockets for the money. My mom tells me to go back to bed and continue dreaming. It doesn't hurt to dream. *sigh* :P

KSH came over to my house and we hung out and did something we haven't done for such a long time. We hung out and talked. Thanks, you two, for coming over! C&O Triotteria next time! :-) You know what, the rest of the weekend is a blur in my head. I don't remember what I did. I remember yesterday, and what a day it was!

Monday. My feet shudders at the adventure. 3 different malls on the same day, each mall actual shopping done. Wow. As Sara put was a HOLLIE-day. Get it? HOLIDAY? hahahahaha.

In order of appearance:
(starting from mi casa @ 10:00 am)

- Santa Anita Mall {2 hours}
- drove down to West Hollywood's Thai town for my favorite, Pad Thai! We met this ugly old grumpy man who wouldn't back up because he wanted the parking spot we were going to get. bastard! it's okay, i threw him a diiirrty look (the look said, "you rotten old grump! you meaaaan! 7 up yours! grrr...") Wish Ra were there, or else he do something funny to the old fart.
- drove to Puente Hills
- Barnes & Noble
- Michael's
- Target (we had our first encounter with diaper-buying)
- Puente Hills Mall
- Montebello Mall

Home by 9:00 PM. *whew* By then, our feet were throbbing from the pain. Random thought: How did people back then migrate from place to place? It hurts your feet.
Thank you, PC for the fun! I LOVE my new purse! It was worth it. I've showed my mom SO many times. It's a perfect little tan bag. Met all my standards of a perfect purse. I like you, New Tan Bag.

As for today, helped my aunty out with the Paige and Evan. Still studying like mad for the philosophy final on Monday. That's it for now.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Thoughts of the Moment: Blue Whale, Gordo.

Studying like a mad woman for philosophy test tomorrow. I went to work today, but came home early to study. Pearl's on vacation (woot woot!), so I'm full-timin' it as much as I can till she comes back. :)

I watched two movies (one old, one new) yesterday and today. I want to be in percussion. I want to go to Rome. Guess what two movies I watched. :)

Sunday, May 25, 2003

I am poops. I went to Shelby's b-ball game for the Tiger B-ball Tournament at Blair High School. (Blair HS is the one we pass by on Marengo on our way to Old Town.) There was a game at 11 and then we had to go back at 615 for another. They were always thisclose to winning. They played three games, and lost all three by 2 points. Arghs! Their baskets, *bounce boooouuunce circle circle* and out of the basket. Going to their b-ball games, I don't think is too good for my heart. I tense up too much. Heehee.

You know what is not good for my heart? Driving with the parents in the car. Constant nagging that you can't run away from.
Watch out for that man 2 miles away, you might hit him. You should have slowed down for the yellow to turn red. Why are you going so fast? You're going 35 in a 40 mph zone.

Mom, Dad? Because you drive slow, it makes me driving speed limit seem fast. It kills me to drive 25 in a 40 mph zone. 25 might SOUND fast, but try driving it. It's like I'm slowly laagggging my way here and there. On my slow way here and there, I would get some cutoffs, some honking, and maybe even a few fingers. We got a MAJOR cutoff on our way to Blair HS because you wouldn't let me go any faster than 35 mph! Kill me now! My heart, oh, my heart! Talk about road rage.

So, I told them NICELY, very nicely, that if they want me to drive sanely, then all they have to do is shut up. Simple as that. They decided to listen to my wise words. The result, a pleasant ride home, and thus, further proving my point.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

Here I am at work. No one is here today. Kinda quiet.

CSULB finals are over and done with. Two finals in an hour and a half straight. *shines nails* Heehee. Two down, two more to go, then it's all over. I can't wait. At the same time, not wanting it to come. I'm still not really sure what I want to do over the summer, besides work. I don't know if I'm accepted at CSULA, so I don't know what classes to take at ELAC for it. So confused. And for some reasons, I've been procrastinating on calling LB about the procedures for transferring. I need to do it, and soon. I don't like changes. I like things to be familiar.

Friday was also my Uncle's wedding. I saw my ex-aunt, aka, my uncle's ex-wife there. Gosh, EX-WIFE is sounds so harsh. I'd rather call her past-aunt, or something besides EX. :) My uncle and her are still good friends. Her name is Fran. It was really weird seeing her again. We were pretty close when I was little. She was really warm and friendly, as I remembered. She treated us like we were her neices and nephews. Shelby doesn't remember her though. He was little then. Fran remembered us as being shorter than her, now, even I'm taller, but not by much. She said, "I've always looked down at you guys. Now I have a cramp in my neck from looking up!" :-)

The reception was held at Phoenix Inn, the restaurant I hate eating at. Ugh. The good part was that we got to meet Regina's, my uncle's WIFE, family. They were so easy-going. They kind of remind me of the families in The Bachelor. Like when the Bachelor goes and meets the girls' families. Her family was like them. Heehee. They even invited us up to San Jose for their July 4th BBQ.

It ended with lotsa hugs and handshakes. Regina's brother had the tightest handshake. Me and Shelby were like ow ow ow! He looked like he use to be a football player. Congrats to them. :-)

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Currently playing on WINAMP: Simple Love - Jay Chow

I keep thinking today is Wednesday. I told Regina, my uncle's fiancee, that I couldn't meet her for preparations tomorrow cause I have 2 finals. Oops. Tomorrow is Wednesday, not Thursday. I should call her. Their wedding is this Friday. I'm helping out translating things between her and my grandma, making place cards, doing seating charts, and picking things up. Surprised I could even help, being that Finals are the day before.

I haven't really been stressing over finals, which is a good thing. There's really nothing to study for. I just have to review the mathematical parts of physics, which I'll never get. But, I'm going to attempt anyway. Who knows, it might help? heehee. My Chinese professor was very understanding about the whole physics and chinese final being scheduled on the same day and time. He said I could come after my physics final and take it late. :-) *whew* I can't wait till school is over. I have till June 9th, my last final. *ugh* one ends, and another begins.

I submitted my application for CSULA yesterday! I'm done! Sorta. Still got paperwork, probably, for CSULB side. At least I'm half way done. I'm excited. I don't have to drive 40 minutes there and 40 minutes back. Honestly, I don't know how Damon drove to Irvine, went to classes, and drove back home in one day. I'm pooped by the time I get home! All that extra time!

It's a good thing cause lately, I've been spending a lot of the time at my Aunty and Suart's house, helping out. My grandma constantly needs me to bring food back and forth for my aunty to eat during her recooperation period. A lot of chinese herbal stuff. Ol' chinese secret. :) heehee...running on over to the shower right now. got a couple more things to do on my list. So I can cross them out and get a feeling of accomplishment.

...`~ X- CROSS -X~`:..`~ X- CROSS -X~`:..`~ X- CROSS -X~`:......just a couple more...and then I'll be done! woot woot!

Sunday, May 18, 2003

I have not been updating. My apologies. More tomorrow.

As for now...
Sorries to DB for the utterly unfair lost at the GL Banquet. Leaders of any type, as a basic understanding, should rule as a leader and not as a leader who lets their personal relations guide their decisions. Those are not leaders. Those are just stupid people. Go kick her ass!

P.S. WHO THE HELL IS SCOTT?! Can you please spare your cousin the misery of curiosity? I don't like having dreams like that.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Ha, I'm not the only one!

lazy BALLER89: look at the lunar eclipse!!
cRaKaLaKiN LaMa: where?
lazy BALLER89: outside!

Suckas! And I have company!
The Lakers lost. Kobe was so sad. Never saw him like that before.

As much as you want it to, you can't rely on someone else to make you feel alive. It's an inside job.
- Jen Dawson's Creek

Yah I know that, yet so hard.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

I was about to explode. Damn this, I say. Thank goodness for DB and her marqee that made me laughed. Thank goodness for Dawson's Creek.

there are some things in life that uncrappifies all the crap that life decides to crap on you. those are good.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

All I can say is....

jung sic hing yau.
I'm back!

Quoting Ra "SHE HAD THE BABY!" It was another awesome experience. Much quicker too. 4 pushes and he was out. Still no name.

A runoff between:
- Evan
- Trevor
- *a name I don't remember, prob. cause it I didn't like it?*

I got a call early in the morning at 530. At first, I thought I was dreaming. There have been so many false calls on my part that I gave up on the idea that the baby was gonna come at all. My aunty gave me the list of things to be done and directions. Me and Dad drove to Aunty's, picked up Paige, dropped her off at my G-ma's house. My dad dropped me off at ELAC for my Phil. class. He picked me up after class, Stuart called, They were at the hospital. Ran our asses over there and...waited. (Hurry up and wait! says the Beer-Belly Man!) During my wait, I heard a total of 7 cries during the 7 hours there. :) The sweetest sounding one of all, of course, came from Labor&Delivery Room 1, our room.

His cry sounded like the horn in my Corolla. A teensy little toot. He is definately not an ugly baby. He was pruny with a tint of purple from being so white. 2 slits for eyes, a button nose, *5 fingers, *5 toes, and all in the right places. He's perfect. My heart felt so sweet just looking at him. He smiled when I said his Chinese name, phonetically "ho ho". Like me!

I drove my G-ma and Paige and Dad over to the hospital to see him and my Aunty, who's doing great. Stuart spent the night at the hosp with her.
I am so excited. I can't wait to teach him stuff. I can't wait to teach him to call Stuart, "Papeeeeeee." and annoy the heck out of him. Heh heh. I can't wait to play b-ball with him. I can't wait to baby-sit him. I can't wait to place him in the grove of my lap, Indian-style, and read to him.

Aside from all the bleeding, cutting, sewing, and the unforgettable squishy noises, it was all worth it. He's coming home tomorrow and I'll be the first one there to greet him.

* * *
* Add 5 more to each. (Thank you to Kelly-bean. Or I would have sounded stupid. Ha. :-) )
(Thank you for the phone calls, S & R) Heh and ra make H & R Block.

Monday, May 12, 2003

Aunty called this morning, 530 AM.

She's having contractions!! I can't sleep. Run to class, take test, run to Grandma's house, make sure Paige is okay, run to Arcadia Methodist Hospital, have baby (not me, mi tia) teehee, come home.

Before my aunty says bye, she tells me, "Good luck on your test today." I say, "Que la! GL on my test? Good luck poppin' the baby outta you!"

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Stuart called....

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow. :O
Emotional attachment to my hair. But it's really really really split-endy. So I'm doing It a good thing.

At first, I thought my aunty was having her baby. Last night, we got a call at 11. No one calls after 10, so we freaked and thought it was the baby. But it was my uncle. He's getting married.


It was hard for him to tell my Grandma. His fiancee is Hispanic. Not that my Grandma's racist, just the fact that she's not CHINESE. But it's all over and done with. Now, I'm waiting for my Ma to come home with my Fish Filet. I've been hungry since lunch. Damn DinoBag.
Dante's Inferno Hell Test is based on Dante's Divine Comedy, written in the early 1300s by Dante Alighieri...

Purgatory for me.

Kelly, Mr. Shoebox Lid skater got Level 8. This is why...taken from his blog.

* * *
Monday, May 05, 2003

ok today it was funny

went to morning glory wit my sis n my mom, yup i was there at the clock section, so i was like starring at the clocks, the alarm ones, i saw most of em was the wrong time so i went to change it , n i know that place closed at 6 so i set all the alarm clocks to go off at 6 hahaha, hopefully it alll went on hahaha tooo bad, n im not evil hahaha

* * *

ooohh, hee....that was my laugh of that day. I'm imagining 6 o' clock, workers ready to leave, heading out the door, and RRRRIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGG!! Workers scrambling left and right to turn the alarm clocks off. hahaha....i'm chuckling again. hee...siggh. That's funny. And that's why he's going to burn in hell.


Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Alhambra School District is laying off all Bilingual Aides.
My mom being one of them.


Ha..I never went outside to measure how much my car weighs. Instead, I played a newly dl FRIENDS episode. I'm bad.

My professor shaved off his goatee. He looks funny. His face is bigger and wider. You know what I noticed. The sides of his face, in front of the ears, it's green. Unlike Mr. Blankenhorn's red curl on his sides of the face. He reminds me of a leprechaun, for some weird reason.

After Philosophy, went to drop off some stuff at my Aunty's house. Like always, I never just DROP OFF something. I stayed and read a few books to Paige. She's really smart. She read a couple of lines from memory to me. My aunty needed to go to Costco to buy some Glucerna, milk shakes for diabetic people. She couldn't lift. I think she's a ticking time bomb. She says when she walks a little faster, her stomach starts to tighten. Eeeeee. I really really hope Evan (Aunty wants Evan, Stuart wants Noah. Personally, I like Evan. What do you guys like?) stays in till after Finals. I already told him to, but I don't know if he'll listen to me. We'll see.

Had a good talk with Aunty about transferring to CSULA. She didn't have a good experience there with the C.D. department. She says she knows a lot of other people who had a bad experience also. I don't know. I'm all confused. Even more than I already am. My aunty also thinks there's something wrong with me. She says recently, I've been so low-key. Sara, was I low-key when I went out with you? Honestly now.

I know some things have been bothering me, but I've already accepted the fact that they're always going to be there. I don't know. I thought that I step-over them pretty well. Maybe it's the dinobag. Perhaps.

H-A-P-P-Y. I will try to be more of that. Don't want you guys to suffer through it with me. heehee. :-)

Today I wish you ICE-CREAM DAY!! Ice-cream always makes people HAPPY! (er, minus the mention of that in the Joy Luck Club) haha.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Something that was said yesterday bugged the HELL out of me. "I'm stuck in a moment, that I can't get out of...." I'm trying to get over it.
Thank you to Ra for calling. (I found my mom hid them, cause I didn't put them away before I left. I found my phone...I left it in my car. :-) )

I really should be doing my HW. Again. I took a 10 minute break, cutting split ends. Wonder where my Split-End Cutting friend is?
And now here I am.

Lab was really short yesterday, it being the last physics lab EVER! whoo hoo! And to double double-mint gum it (remember those commericals, with the twins? Double-mint, double-mint, double-mint........................gum), and to double the excitement, it was my last day in language lab too!! (I mis-calculated my hours and spent 2 extra hours in there when I didn't have to. Damn, but it's OVEr!) afterwards....

In order of appearance....
drove home
ate lunch
chatted with Sara and Damon
printed out my lab report
picked up Shelby &
headed to Franco's Florist to order some...funeral wreaths? (Sara, what were they called again?) Our neighbor across the street died of internal bleeding Sunday night.
got picked up by Sara
who made a U-ey when we saw Aunty and Stuart driving the opposite direction to my house
played with Paige
headed to Santa Monica
got some quotes
ate dinner (Ra, you would have loved the helper that assisted us. He was so nice to us! We ate at the restaurant KRSH went to...where we saw the big african-american lady laughing really loud)
headed to SMC
i shot Sara (heehee, like Ape scan-gunned me)
went to Sara's apt ( I needed an application from her), watched 7th Heaven, and drank Chocolate Silk SoyMilk, which was YUMMY YUMMY IN MY TUMMY good!
got stuck in some WEIRD traffic...transition between 10 to 60. We literally just stopped and parked there for a good 20 minutes (Thank you, Damon for trying to find out what the H-E-double hockey sticks, was going on)
got home safely

ahhh...long list. still awake? heehee. Today is just a short list.

In order of appearance.....
went to school
came back

that's it. now, i'm headed on outside to measure how much my car weighs. This was the only Take-Home experiment that didn't deal with the MOON. haha...funny thought just ran through my empty head.

I had to draw diagrams of the moon for one of the observations. I should have done such:

4/13/2002 @ 9:00 PM
Facing directly due South

Moon directly in front.
Diagram: (__|__)
Full Moon courtesy of ___________.

:-) Kel, it's a knee-slapper! :_)
I scored a 71% on the "HoW AzN aRe YoU??" Quizie! What about you?

WoULd tHaT bE a GoOd tHiNg? :)

Monday, May 05, 2003

Is it absolutely inconcievable for a girl not to have a mirror? This morning in Philosophy, this guy asks me if I had a mirror he could borrow. I told him, "No, sorry. I don't have a mirror with me." He gets this really twisted weird look on his face, like I'm lying or something. Que la!
Philosophy prof. didn't show up for class. A YAY! there. I have another hour to kill before I have to head my ass over to LB.

Y'all have a good day now.

Sunday, May 04, 2003

I am tired, but satisfied. I did MAJOR cleansing of my room. I went down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the floors. Kinda felt like Cinderella. MY ROOM IS NOW *sparkling* CLEAN!! That was my achievement of the weekend.

I'm rather excited knowing that there is only 2 more weeks of LB. No more physics! Woot woot! Which also means, I have to get started on my CSULA application. It's due sometime in June. Should really do that. Fine, I'll do that by the end of the week.

I finished watching "Square Pegs" another TVB series. The series is pretty good, but the ending SUCKED LIKE DONKEY BALLS! Basically, the love triangle never ended. All three went their seperate ways, came back 3 years later, to the meadow. One came back as a HongKong-ian, one came back as an English woman, and the other came back wearing a kimono. They all run towards each other in the meadow, join hands, and do ring-around-the-rosy. Whoever thinks that is a THE stupidest ending ever, say AYE!... AYE! for me.

Friday, May 02, 2003

Okay, so I got home safely. :-) Thank you, Sara for keeping me company. It made time go by faster.

So for this past week, I've been frantically trying to finish up my Language Arts project for my Child Develop. class. It was A LOT of work, but some parts were really fun. The Language Arts project included:

1.) An Original Story, written by Me. (My book was called "It's No Fun to be Louise."
2.) 3 Hand Puppets (I did a girl hand puppet, a witch from a spoon, and a toilet paper and egg rabbi)
3.) Finger Play Packet (This probably took the second longest. You could tell I was getting tired towards the end)
4.) Poetry Poster (Way up high in the tree, 2 red apples looked at me, I shook that tree as hard as I could, Down fell 2 red apples, Mmmm they were good.)
5.) Dramatic Play Box (For kids to play pretend. You have a theme for you box. My theme was "My Kitchen". Inside were pots, pans, aprons, fake food, etc., so that when a kid picked up that box, they're all set for pretend. I spent $18 at the 99 cents store for the stuff.

I presented my project yesterday. I was a little apprehensive that Ms. Minnix, the nasty prof., would say it was copied. She's reads A LOT of children's books. My aunty and Debby said it sounded copied. But seriously, I wrote it. But it went okay. The prof. laughed.

Wednesday was an interesting day. DB got into a car accident.Thank goodness she was okay. She was allegedly hit by a drunk driver. The accident caused 2 police cars, 2 highway patrol cars, 1 ambulance, 1 firetruck, and 1 major traffic jam. She was on her way to pick up my aunt. My mom went to go pick up my aunt and I went there to keep her company. Man, thank goodness I changed. I was just going to go in my houseclothes. PEOPLE ARE CURIOUS! Everyone was looking at the accident and all the people involved. For a more detailed account, go to DB.

Today, it's more of cleaning room (yay!) and making flash cars (yay!). I have a fun day ahead of me.

Sara: Let me know about the SCHR concert band thingy?

Monday, April 28, 2003

Just finished writing an e-mail to SARS ( I like that. Very creative.) I am sitting here in the Language Labs, with 50 more minutes of time to do, and absolutely nothing to do. I'm "suppose" to be working on CyberChinese and Pinyin Master, but it's not like anyone does. With all this time in my hands, I will tell you about the events of yesterday and last night.

Yesterday was Shelby's championship game for the WY Basketball Tournament. The Evergreen Knights were fighting with the Hawks for the 1st Place position of the whole WY Tournament. They were losing at first, 0-7. Then, I got a call from Stuart saying that they were there in the parking lot. I was surprised they came. They normally run errands Sunday morning. I went outside and brought them in. Paigey was awed by the whole basketball game scene. She was a little frightened at first with all the coaches screaming at the players. Eventually, she said, "Paigey want to play ball too. Paigey want to play with GauGau (big brother in Chinese, meaning Shelby). :-) In the end, the Evergreen Knights kicked some major booty! 45-32. The Knights were the CHAMPIONS of the WY B-Ball Tournament!


So afterwards, me, Shelby, and my dad went to Stuart and Aunty's house for lunch. We had Rio's Pizza.

Kelly-Bean, don't read the following...
I had a stomache for the whole day yesterday. I think it might have been the pizza I ate for lunch. I had two slices of Rio's Pizza with pepperoni, mushroom, and sausage. Yummy mushroom. I love mushroom. I didn't peel the cheese off the pizza like normal,because there'd be no mushroom left for me, so I ate the mushroom with the cheese. Not a good idea. Anyone who eats pizza with me, please make me peel off the cheese. So I went to Chinese, came back, felt really bad, so I hit the sack at about 10:15. Couldn't fall asleep cause of stomachahe, but eventually did, only to wake up in the middle of the night with an even worst stomachache. It hurt really really bad. To the point where I was tossing and turning.

Sudden feeling of quizziness, so got out of bed, and slowly made my way to the restroom. Ha. No such luck. I exploded in the hallway, right outside of me and Shelby's room. My dad awoke to the sounds of splatter and Shelby to the sounds of me gagging in the hallway. I think I scared Shelby with my gagging. He wouldn't come near me.

My dad started lecturing me on being prepared. He said I should have grabbed the trash can. All this while I was still puking. Not the perfect time, Dad. Ever heard of "Papa, don't preach..cause I'm in trouble." How was I to know that walking would make me even more queezy. He woke up my mom. By this time, I was on the floor, exhausted. Much respect to my mom and dad for cleaning up after me. Even though I couldn't see, I could tell the huge puddle of a mess was really gross. Everything I had that day, was there on the hallway floor.

Kelly-Bean: You can start reading from here on.
Good news. I felt better and actually fell asleep. Had a weird dream at CSULB, Trace was there with me, keeping me company. Then Ra pops out of nowhere and says he's on spring break. Kelly's following behind. Nice reunion at LB. It was snowing too.

I skipped my 7:30 Philosophy class at ELAC. Any mention of food as of now, makes me want to reenact the events of last night. *blech* I was lucky today also, cause my Physics Lab Instructor didn't show up for class. Woot woot! Okies, nothing more to say. And I still have 30 more minutes. Gonna go and check out your blogs. Bye everyone!

Saturday, April 26, 2003

starmienite: hey!
starmienite: i am groggy
starmienite: my mom set the timer for me to do something
starmienite: and i hear it ticking away
starmienite: but i don't remember what i'm suppose to do when it rings
starmienite: my memory has gone sour

Convo with Sara....I feel groggy. In about 30 minutes, that timer is going to go RRRIIINNNNNNNNGGGG!! and I'll just sit here and try using my sour memory to remember what I'm suppose to do for my mom. This is what happens to old people. You young peeps just work that brain. Exercise exericse.

I went to work today. Had a really interseting convo with Rach about her 2 weird friends in Thailand. One is a guy who's gay, the other a girl. The guy gets mad at her when she calls him handsome. He says, "Call me beautiful." The other one, her old roomate, climbs on the balcony rail in their Level 11 apartment and says, "Do you think I'm pretty? I think I'm pretty. Then why don't I have a boyfriend? *swings legs* I see ugly girls with boyfriends. Why don't I have one? *swing legs* I am an adult. I am an adult because these past couple of weeks, I stayed out all night and got drunk. Therefore, I am an adult."

Her face brightens up when she talks about Thailand and I like hearing about her life in Thailand. Everything is so different over there. It's like a whole different world. I learned that Thai people see people who are gay as like heavenly spirits roaming the earth. It's not looked down upon as much as it is here. And FYI, our Ms. Universe (for Drags) is a Thai man. I saw his picture. How can he be a man? He looked so pretty. He looked better than me and I'M A GIRL! :-) I like hearing her stories and anecdotes.

So after work, I picked up lunch and headed over to my aunty's house with my Fish-Filet meal and a Big Mac for the pregnant one who already had lunch, btw, but was still hungry. Paigey was sick and cried a lot. Trying to stay with my aunty as much as possible in case anything happens, there will be someone there at least, to get the phone. She's due anytime now. I am rather excited. :-) Another big smile.

Here I am, at home now. I should get started on all those projects for my Child Development - Creative Experiences for Children class.


Thursday, April 24, 2003

shall I continue on? We met my FAVORITE uncle for lunch today. ;-) Guess what he had for me? Vaness' autograph to YOURS TRULY! AAHH! I

This is what it says:

to: Holly! <3 <--a big heart
his chinese character name
Vaness (big loops and lines)

3 <--His number in F4

God Bless! <--WHAT A SWEETIE! He told God to bless me. :*)

I am melting. I told my uncle to tell my aunt to call me when he goes there to eat again. (He's a frequent customer.) Whoo hoo!

SARA: I am so sorry for making us leave early, but THANK YOU for lunch. (Shelby thank you's too.) It was ssssooooo good. I haven't had a burrito like that for a long long time. You've settled my craving. :-)

Wednesday, April 23, 2003


My Uncle just called me to see if we could meet him for lunch tomorrow. He has something for me. The reason is...........

Vaness from F4 (Kelly & DB: the Irvine Guy) went to my Aunt's restaurant yesterday! Before he was big, he went to her restaurant a lot, but now he's BBBBAAACCCKKKK!! In the US!!! And you know what else? My aunt got me his AUTOGRAPH!! And she took a PICTURe with HIM. She TOUCHED him.


Stupid ass Shelby. He called them the Fruity Four. Jackass. but continuing on....

hee. yay.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Spring Break always is waaay waaaay toooo short. It's gone like *that*! A brief summary on my spring break: HW and WORK. And I'm a WILD THING, I make your heart <3 was a good break, got some rest, caught up on my Chinese soap operas. That was the best part, I think.


We went to Stuart's mom's house for Easter. His Uncle Paul found the $50 Golden Egg. Damn. I am no good. I'm also NO frickin' good at Golf either. I think I would have done a lot better if my golf club wasn't crooked on the bottom. Stuart says its suppose to be that way, but how can anyone hit that small little golfball straight with a crooked club. Beats me. I swung and missed several times, until jackpot! I hit it, but only for the tiny golfball to bounce a foot away from it's original location. Took me 22 swings before I finished the course. Shelby got 13. Gordan did a really good job. He grew out the grass and cut only the parts of the course, so that you can actually see a little path of cut grass. Awesome, I say.

It was hard waking up Monday, but I did it. This morning was hard too. Oh and that girl! I drove into the parking structure this morning as usual. Cars were filled up in order, so there weren't empty slots here and there. You would take the next available spot. I parked and was taking a while gathering my backpack and jacket, putting my water bottle away, when this black Honda Accord parks next to me. I didn't notice it at first till I saw the Girl walking from her car. She stood there looking between my beautifully parked car and Hers. She hesitated a bit and ran off, literally. I was thinking "What the hell is she looking at?" Ah ha.

When I tried to open my door to get it, I hit her car. The door was only open about 6 inches. No matter how much I suck it in, I AIN'T SIX INCHES SKINNY. Her right side mirror was in the way of my door. She was that frickin' close. She hesitated before, debating whether or not she should LET ME OUT! I had to climb in the passenger seat to get out. I walked over to see how close she was parked. SHE WAS OVER THE WHITE LINE! They're there for a reason. Bastard. I think she was late for something, but still dude! The guy who took my parking spot after me couldn't get out either, so he left to seek another.

Okay. I feel better. I really should get back to studying. I skipped Chinese today for a reason. To do some PREPARATIONS. Well, so far, I watched 2 episodes of I Love Lucy. :-) Really getting back.

Saturday, April 19, 2003

I had a bad dream last night.
Going back to work. :-)

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

SmarterChild: Aww... Now why would you go and insult a poor helpless computer?
starmienite: stupid stupid stupid computer
SmarterChild: Interesting.

- How stoooopid.

Monday, April 14, 2003

breast implants!

what's YOUR deepest secret?
brought to you by Quizilla

I'm Ho Ho Hollie, so I suppose it goes well? :-)
Currently Playing on Winamp: At Last - Celine Dion

Hope can be a blessing, but at the same time, it can be an evil inside Pandora's jar. It can really screw someone up. Bah humbug. :-)
I LOVE RAIN! Rain, you smell good, OH, you smell so GOOD! oh! or unh!
It feels incredibly nice sleeping with the rain outside and you're warm, snug and comfy under the covers. Mikko: it's suppose to be raining all week...Good news!

Today is officially the first day of spring break for me. It's gonna be relaxing. I hope. Got hw to work on, school to work on, work to work on, and most importantly, ME to work on.

Taken from Kelly-Bean:
I know I'm a complainer, but that's only natural. We only seem to acknowledge the things that go wrong, and take the things that go right for granted. It's human nature, but I think we would be a lot happier if we took some time out to focus on the good that's in our lives.

Kelly: I'm working on it. It's hard a lot of the times. There was this one time I was able to convince myself that everything was good. LiFe was good. I held onto that belief for about a week. For some reason, I just couldn't hold onto that for very long. Grass is always greener on the other side. I'm gonna keep at it. See what happens.

Kelly, you rock.

Friday, April 11, 2003

I haven't updated anything for a whole week almost. This week has been pretty good. Accomplishment of the Week: I actually stayed up for more than half of the Physics lecture on both Tuesday AND Thursday! High-five! I'm slowing improving.

Prof. Posada canceled Philosophy class on Wednesday morning. Another plus. I went to work for a meeting. HIPAA regulations have changed so employees must be informed in case we get audited again. Just the GCC people stayed behind and chatted a while. It was 3 by the time we got back, so I decided to stay and work. I need $$$. My ma went to square-dancing class with DB's mom today. I love square-dancing. Apparently, so did my mom. She made me dance with her in our living room. I miss Macy PE. That square-dancing section at least. I remember Jenny Chea was in my group, the best group! Mrs....uh...the only PE woman teacher...Briley? She made our group perform in front of the whole square-dancing unit. All was fun besides that one part. :)

Yesterday was good too. I stayed awake for physics. Professor Li didn't show up for Chinese class, so we left early. Whoo hoo! Came home, took DB to see Paigey. Came home again and picked up Daddy and Shelby to meet mom and Uncle Cheuck for lunch at FunLand. Rented the first 4 episodes to another Chinese TVB series. It's about this king, back in the time of the dynasties, who gets sucked in this tornado thing and travels to the future. It's a "hahaha" series. DB came over and watched some with us. Traveled down to ELAC for my Child Development class, Creative Experiences. Brought back a truckload of hw. Thank goodness for DB. She came over and helped me trace, color, cut. Thank you, DB!!! (If it weren't for you, I would have colored the cat white, instead of purple. Whew! ;)

That brings us to today, Friday. Shelby is out with my Aunt doing their Aunty-Nephew day. They're watching Anger Management. Spring break for me is next week, so we're having our Aunty-Niece day then. :)

Tasks for the Day:
(not in order of importance)
1. Rent "Oou Mun Gai" with Charmaine Sheh. Something I've watched before, but fun to watch again. Something to do as I'm cutting and pasting and coloring.
2. Read Physics, Ch. 9&10 --> Answer online questions for both chapters.
3. E-mail Professor Pickett.
4. Do Moon Experiment.
5. Do Ball Experiment.
6. Finish Lab Report.
7. Finish Chinese hw for tomorrow.

okay...I'm ready to tackle the tasks. Bring it on...oh yea.

Monday, April 07, 2003

My very intelligent and private conversation with a dear friend of mine:

starmienite: so how are you?
SmarterChild: Very interesting...
SmarterChild: Fine thx, you?
starmienite: not very good
SmarterChild: Not very good? I'm sorry... :-\
starmienite: it's not your fault
SmarterChild: Really?
starmienite: i'm going to the moon today
SmarterChild: Would you like me to add the event "Going to the moon on April 7th, 2003" to your planner?
starmienite: no it's okay
SmarterChild: How okay is it?
starmienite: i already have it marked
SmarterChild: Tell me more.
starmienite: uh...what are you doing?
SmarterChild: Not a lot. You?
starmienite: not much either
SmarterChild: Not much either? What's it like to be doing that?
starmienite: what do you mean?

Very very intelligent.
Onto Sunday.

Woke up so frickin' tired! Damn Daylight Savings times. Always screws me up, but only when we Spring Forward. I absolutely no problem with Falling Backwards. :-) Today was Paige's birthday at Under the Sea! and also, Debby's birthday. Me and Shelby were there to help out Aunty and Stuart with whatever we could. We were to be be at their house at 9 AM.

I woke up, but fell back asleep and didn't actually get up till 8:15. Then MA tells me that she needs a ride to church. Frick. Remembered it was Debby's birthday while washing mi pelo. Aunty calls and asks me if I could bring my gel pens and, how do is it spelled? At first, I thought she said THONGS. I was thinking "Yes, we're related, but not that related." Those clamper thingys. I was getting a little frustrated. Okay, not a litte, a LOT! I hate being late for Paige's party things cause then my Aunty has a cow over cause she's stressing. So I calmed my ass down. How? Ha...ancient chinese secret. I thought about the Friends' blooper episode where Ross, Rachel, and Chandler were trying to get this sofa up the stairs and Ross was screaming, "Pivot! Pi-VAT!" I cracked up and all was well.

First order of business.....Shelby and I made signs.

taken from TriPdeEuCkiE
Sunday, April 06, 2003

so today is my birthday. yay. it started off pretty well actually. my mom woke me up at like 9 to tell me my cuzins left something that's cute outside for me so i dragged my ass outta bed to go check it out. turns out they left little signs for me to follow which were awesome.

And she thought we forgot. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEBBY!

Ran our asses to church. I realized that when you're late, you always come across SLOW drivers. Me and Shelby got our asses there in one piece.

Shelby's task: Load food in car.
My task: Get Paige ready, which includes, taking her to go shee-shee. changing diaper. brushing teeth. putting on clothes. took me 45 min. that lil girl is strong!

We drove all the Burbank. We went here. There were ball things, jumping things, big humungoid balls, mazes, etc. etc, etc. First thing Stuart and Shelby did was jump into the jumping castle thing. I tried it out myself. It's fun!

And that's my Sunday!
Kirsten told me a Brain Teaser:

"What are two things that panda bears want most?"

Answers will be revealed in good time.
Saturday: pretty normal, I should say.

Work in the morning. Karrie came by and visited. It was weird. You know how some people have this certain smell, it's not a bad smell like Shelby's, but a certain smell. Well, Karrie came bursting in and gave me a hug. I smelled that same familiar smell. It was comforting, you know what I mean? Karrie was like my big sis. She taught me SO much and I felt safe from the Big Angry Momma. So it was very good to see her. Helen, Rachel, and Kirsten finally got to meet the infamous Karrie that everyone talks about. :)

Chinese school at the Mrs.Shao's casa. We played Chinese dodgeball, or more like, Chinese Dodge Sandbag. I got to throw sandbags at my teacher! ;-) Heh heh. She was an easier target than Shelby, Mr. Basketball with skinny-ass ankles, who kept making me miss. Butthead.

Parents partied at church. Didn't come home till late. Love having the whole house, quiet.

Saturday, April 05, 2003

My favorite part...

And I want to wake up with the rain
Falling on a tin roof
While I'm safe there in your arms
So all I ask is for you
To come away with me in the night
Come away with me
midori: we have to go we have to go!
midori: italian food and the beach
midori: sounds like a date ;D

We go! Ole! Or..what's the Italian equivalent of that?
So yesterday was a rather tiring day. Woke up early to go with my impregnated Aunt to Ramona Elementary to help her with the climbing up and climbing down, moving this, lifting this. And also, to be there if anything happens, it being everyone's out for Spring Break. At least if the baby reports early and says "I'm here for duty." at least I'll be there to catch It. Aunty took me out to lunch at Baker's Square. We had a nice waiter. After lunch, home to change and then straight to work.

I love working with them. They're so much fun. We went out afterwards for dinner to this really really cool Italiano restaurant. We went to C&O Trattoria. We drove all the way down to Marin del Rey. We would have gotten there sooner if we didn't go the wrong direction. We were suppose to go South and we went North, past UCLA.

But arrived there in one piece though. You could smell the ocean. So nice. So windy. So cold. So many people. An hour wait. Thank goodness for heatlamps! We sat there and the restaurant past around plates of their warm "killer Garlic Rolls". Kelly: I'm telling you would love them! An hour later, they called me "Molly, your table is ready." Yes, Molly. It was too noisy for her to hear my name when I signed in for a table. Our waiter's name was Jamie. Rachel thought he was cute. He has blonde red curly hair, nice smile, fun personality, good sense of humor, lotsa energy and he's...on sale for 5 easy payments of $11.99!!

The atmosphere there is HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! They play actual Italian music. Every hour and a half, the waiters pass out the lyrics to.......THAT'S AMORE!

When the moon hits you eye like a big pizza pie
That's amore
When the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine
That's amore
Bells will ring ting-a-ling-a-ling, ting-a-ling-a-ling
And you'll sing "Vita bella"
Hearts will play tippy-tippy-tay, tippy-tippy-tay
Like a gay tarantella

When the stars make you drool just like a pasta fagiole
That's amore
When you dance down the street with a cloud at your feet
You're in love
When you walk down in a dream but you know you're not
Dreaming signore
Scuzza me, but you see, back in old Napoli
That's amore

When the moon hits you eye like a big pizza pie
That's amore
When the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine
That's amore
Bells will ring ting-a-ling-a-ling, ting-a-ling-a-ling
And you'll sing "Vita bella"
Hearts will play tippy-tippy-tay, tippy-tippy-tay
Like a gay tarantella

When the stars make you drool just like a pasta fagiole
That's amore
When you dance down the street with a cloud at your feet
You're in love
When you walk down in a dream but you know you're not
Dreaming signore
Scuzza me, but you see, back in old Napoli
That's amore
Lucky fella

When the stars make you drool just like a pasta fagiole
That's amore
When you dance down the street with a cloud at your feet
You're in love
When you walk down in a dream but you know you're not
Dreaming signore
Scuzza me, but you see, back in old Napoli
That's amore, (amore)
That's amore

The whole restaurant, managers, waiters, busboys, receptionists, customers, everyone! comes out with wine glasses and starts to sing this song together and everyone goes around toasting everyone with smiles and wine. That restaurant has so much energy. It's far, but worth the fun experience!

Rachel needs the computer now. I gtg. :)

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Took my mode of transportation to get a bath for $8.99. Muy expensivo! But it's squeaky clean.

My philosophy teacher was late for class today and we were having a test. :-) We jetted on outta once the clock hit 7:50. 20 minutes is more than the school's policy. Yay! More time to study. Not that I would use that extra time anyway. I'll just look at my rather dull black-and-white flashcards a few more times before the test on Monday. I must do at least half of my term paper today. Friday, my day to finish everything before a hectic weekend. But something came up. Actually, THINGS came up. Gotta help my Aunty again putting up and pulling things down for her classroom in the morning. Then, head on over to work, put mask on, and earn some much needed dinero. Paige's b-day party at Gymboree is this Sunday and Shelby and I will be there ALL day helping. I have to get some work done today. I lost this morning because of procrastination. Damn. I always do that. Procrastination, stop taking my time!

Helen called me yesterday and told me that everyone at GCC has to wear a mask. SARS. Yikes!
The majority of Dr.Lam's patients are Chinese. Many of who went back to HK this past January/February for Chinese New Year. We're taking precautions. Rachel's so freaked that she's wearing TWO. One over the other. Lol. Funny girl.

Before Procrastination takes any more of my precious time, I am posting and publishing this entry.
Y' all have a good day now.
-Drew Barrymore in HoME FrIEs

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Let's see...Friday! I was held hostage in Ape's chair and 2 booties were shaking in my face. I screamed "HELP!" but everyone was away on spring break, so no one came to save me. Haha. Kelly, you are green and do not taste good. You burned my mouth and my insides. You suck like donkey balls. ;-)

Sunday. Studied with Sara at the library, but I couldn't keep my mouth shut, so we didn't study much. Oh well. It was nice.

Debby asks, "Where you guys going?"
Sara's answer, "To the library to study."
Debby replies, "Lame! You nerds."

Are not. Nerds are smart. Sara's a nerd and I'm a dork. Nerd and Dorks will rule the world someday. Watch out who you mess with. Muhahaha. :-)

Monday. Ra left today. I sent you a text message. Did you get it? It wasn't working correctly. Hope you got it.

Friday, March 28, 2003

I was brushing my teeth just now and figured out why at least for me, how I was able to let it all hang out at the party. It was with a whole different group of people other than KRSH. It was extremely puzzling for me. This is what I think.

Because Pearl wasn't there.

I don't even know where to begin on how much fun I had yesterday.

Well, yesterday was like any other day. School. It was so WARM yesterday. Warm enough for Ra to go outside and tan. Honestly, I hate hot weather. I get hot, sticky, & smelly. So the part where I had to walk 3 blocks at 3 in the afternoon to get to class at ELAC was definately not the highlight of my day. My poor table. They had to smell me. I went home and took a long cold shower. Ahhh...I almost fell asleep in there. :) I was ready. Thursday night was the night of Katerine's daugher's first birthday.
I was suppose to drive over to GCC and pick Helen, Kirsten and Rachel up so we can all hop on over to her house.

So, looking down at the clock in the restroom. I have to leave at 630. It was only 625. I just have to dry my hair. I still have time. By the time I finished, it was 635. Hurry or I'm gonna be late! I skip to my room to grab a jacket and glanced at the clock on my desk. 6:45! The hell! I check the other 2 clocks in my room and all read 645! The clock in the bathroom is running out of batteries. 10 minutes slow! I'M LATE!! Kirsten calls me and asks me, "Where are you?" They all screamed, "What?!?!" when I answered I was at home. (KIrsten's parents just came home from Hong Kong, so she wanted to see them, so we were sort of on a scheduele). So I hurried my ass on outta there and drove wildly (literally) over to GCC. I arrived in 10 minutes. The fun starts here.

"Hi Dr. Tam! Bye Dr. Tam!" in parking to the door...punch in code to unlock up stairs...Kirsten and Rachel running down and shooing me, Helen still screaming "The lights! The lights!" Laugh here ...I run back downstairs...Kirsten almost rolled down the stairs Laugh here cause she couldn't see with the lights off...I run to turn on lights, Kirsten punches Helen out (hahaha...CLOCKED Helen out...hahaha), Rachel opens door...and all 4 of us run! I open the doors to my car, Kirsten runs into my car, Helen brings files to Pearl's office, and Rachel's still trying to run and drink her coffee at the same time. Ends up chocking. Laugh here

Don't ask me why we were rushing like that. We weren't late. It was fun though. Like those relay races! We got there in one piece.
Katherine's house was bustling with people. We did a little wine-tasting and from there, EVERYTHING was funny. (We only had a sip and I diluted mine with 7-Up! We were so frickin' LOUD. I think cause we always had to contain ourselves because we are in a doctor's office. How much noise can we make there? So last night, we just let it all hang out! *Think Larson here*) There was never a dull moment. I never stopped smiling. Until, they all found out that I was scared of loud noises. They started popping those things with the string at the end and confetti stuff and a very very LOUD noise, I might add, comes out. They all came after me with that. They Laugh here That was scary. Me no likey. :) We roasted marshmellows. Rachel didn't want to do it, so I told her "But it's an American tradition!" (She came here about 5 months ago from Thailand.) She kept asking if her marshmello was cooked yet or if it was still raw. Laugh here. There was also a pinata! Sara, it was a Disney Princesses pinanta! Rachel didn't want to play either, so I told her "But it's an American tradition!" They Laugh here AT me, this time. Honest mistake once again. I missed the pinata and hit the pole. I tell you, I'm no good at sports.

Whew, the last time I was so *HIGH* was when KRSH was at Sara's apartment and we took those pooping pictures with Ra's brown sweater.
When we were driving back to GCC, we sort of settled down, and we were not *HIGH* anymore, we were at a *LOW*. But I slept so well last night. *good job*

Now, tonights another night of fun! *Whoa* Another *HIGH* tonight. I'm going to OD on life.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

I'm in I'm in! =D

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

KRS(h) Please check your e-mails.

I went to work today, which means....PARTY on Friday all the way to Saturday! :) For once, I get to have a life on those two days! Cheers all around! I am so frickin' excited!!
That's the good news.

Bad News of the Day:
As I was on Garfield, waiting to make a left into the street by the florist, I saw a very old Chinese man fall off the curb and into the street. Thank goodness there was no car going by or else it would have hit him. Half of his head was covered in blood. I made my left and searched for a place to stop my car, so I just blocked someone's driveway. By that time, a girl found them and pointed them into the direction of the hospital, about a block down the street. I got out wanting to ask them if they needed a ride to the hospital. They walk fast for old people, cause they were already halfway down the block *by the time I reached the corner and I wasn't that far away either. It made me feel a little better that he was able to walk. I drove into the alley that leads to GCC, where I work, and I saw the old couple reaching the hospital. *whew*

I'm still a little shooken up from it. I know I don't know that old man, but he reminded me of my Grandpa and the old woman reminded of my Grandma. It felt like it was happening to them, so I freaked.
Something else that bothered me was that a car was waiting to turn right and the old man fell right IN FRONT of that red van. You know what the stupid Chinese lady in the red van did? Nothing! She waited till the little old lady slowly helped him get up and out of her way, so then, she went on ahead and made her right turn. What the hell was that!

*I'm also a little mad at myself cause I didn't exactly leap out of my car. I just sat there, thinking "I have to help him. I have to help him." By the time I actually got my ass out of my car, it was too late. Boo on my part. I'm just as bad as that Chinese lady in the red van.

And that was my scary incident of the day. :|

Monday, March 24, 2003

Everyone's back and bloggin'. Good to read! :)

Saturday was like any other Saturday. Work, Chinese school, Aunty's house for Paigey's b-day. She LOVED the mini karaoke boombox that Sara chose for her. "Thank koo, Un-tee Sah Rah." Paigey says. I "sang" while she gibberished along. She's sweet as a Sourcream Blueberry Pie from Marie Callenders! Then that would make her sour. So Paigey is as sweet as sugar! There. After we put her too bed, (45 minutes of chasing after her to put on her diaper, brush her teeth, and what not. Too much sugar from the many days of birthday cakes!!... Stuart's Mom (3/18) Stuart (3/19) Aunty (3/21) Paige (3/22) My Aunty is officially tried of cakes in general, be it a mango cake or a ice-cream cake, she won't eat it. ) My Aunty and I settled down and watched Sweet Home Alabama , while Shelby and Stuart played this rather violet game of Halo, where you go in with the goal of killing each other. We stayed till 12.... AM!! Yes I know. 12 AM. My parents didn't come home from partyin' till 1 AM in the frickin' morning.

Sunday, went out with Ra to Old Town. Don't know what we did, but we had fun. Came home early to go to Cafe Spot for dinner where Shelby treated us. :) We ran some errands afterwards. I wasn't feeling too well after dinner cause I was sititng right beneath the AC vent, so all this cold air was blowing on my head. Maybe I should have moved.

Today, Monday...ELAC Philosophy --> drove to CSULB --> Language Lab for 45 mintues --> Lunch for 15 minutes --> Physics Lab for 3 very long hours --> Back to Language Lab for another 30 minutes --> Home. I was going to stop by Jack in the Box for some potato wedges, but I think I was thinking F4 and didn't even realized I had past it till I got home.

And right now, I am doing what I do best. Procrastinating. I should really read Chapter 5.2 on Ethical Egoism. What the hell is that. I think I should know. Let me see...

Friday, March 21, 2003

I'm going....I'm! Get it? Choke? An original joke by yours truly. :) It matched what was happening at that moment. Well, Ra and Sara laughed. With me, that is.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

I am never waking up late again. I woke up at 9 this morning cause my Philosophy class was canceled, and now, I feel all groggy. I ended up taking a 15 minute nap. What the heck, huh? Never sleeping in again.

Today, so far, has been pretty relaxing. I finished up my Art Notebook for my "Creative Experiences for Children." Thank goodness I checked cause I had some missing projects. Finger painting, for one! Ugh, that was gross. My fingers got all stained. After that, I did some Physics homework. I figure out this really awesome way of doing my homework on the computer. I arranged so that my Microsoft Word window took up half my screen, and occupying the other half, was the window for my VCD player. Can you guess what I was watching? METEOR GARDEN! I don't even have to turn my head. My P-Vision comes in handy. Am I smart or what? Lol. But sometimes it gets too distracting, so I have to turn it off. :P

Caught Sara online and we chatted for a little while. She disappeared on me for the past couple of days. She's going out with Damon today, to the musuem and other fun things. :)
Ra called while he was on the bus on the way to the airport. Told me he was going to Burbank. "Why are you going to Burbank? We live in Montebello." Apparently, they have an airport in Burbank. I did not know that. *wrinkle of the brain* RS(H) is going out for coffee and a quick run to a fast food place tonight. Probably Jack in the Box.
And that is my day so far. Thank you for reading. You have yourself a nice day too.
DB gave this to me. It's nice. :-)

Sometimes i cry
but i can't tell you why
why i feel what i feel inside
when i say inside, i mean deep inside
that's something i can't explain
it's over me
how i try to express
what's been troublin' my mind
but still i can't find the words
but i know that something's got a hold of me.

I think she got it from Chicken Soup for the Soul. Ha.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

KRSH together once again! REJOICE!

Hey, KRS, we should have some fun this weekend.

Monday, March 17, 2003

Playing on WinAmP: Qiu Jiu Zhuan Xian - Vic Zhou
and it's a happy song, so I'm happy. :P

Hotline For Help

Sorry, it's me, it seems that I just forgot to say
I really want to see you, but we just separated
Don't mind me, even I can't stand myself
Suddenly I am turning meek and submissive

I worry, I wonder, I am growing less like myself
Just because of you, my thoughts of you are like air to me

Helpline, pardon me, I have a hundred questions
How do I stop this?
Concrete roads like meadows to me, but it's ok, nobody's teasing me
O and, how do I regain my cool?

Excuse me, it's me again, I unexpectedly saw a rerun
Of that movie, the one you always miss
Don't blame me for not letting others get through to you
Because I need to know that you are mine and mine only

I worry, I wonder, I am turning into someone else
Just because of you, taking your words to be Scriptures

Helpline I love you, one LAST little question,
How do I keep all this sweetness
Concrete roads are meadows, when I stand with you
Oh and...

Okay, that song was playing on Winamp. Now it's another song. Lol. Chinese rap. Ha. I'll put it up next time. Debby laughs at Irvine Guy's (Vaness) rapping.
Oops, forgot to....

Thank SARA and KELLY for the all laughs I had. Who knew we could have so much fun laughing at the Monkey who Loved It's Boots, screaming at the giant M&M with a hole in the middle, and being smacked in the butt with an oversized Crayola crayon and flowered wrapping paper.

I really mean, thank you. I love you, Kelly. (BTW, thanks for cutting my split ends. My head of hair thank you's too). I love you, Ra. (Even though you weren't there physically, your essence was!) I love you, Sara. (You just rock.:)

I love my friends (Apes and Steph ) !

My mood: LOVING
Goal: No more getting into depressing songs. They get you depressed.
Sunday. I have not had fun like that for a long time. (K)(S)H might be better at explaining all the fun events. I'll give the Cliff Notes version. KSH went out to dim sum at New Capital Seafood Restaurant. We ordered A LOT of food and only took home 2 small half empty boxes of leftovers. Sara was pretty good at ordering, so we had a nice variety of all different kinds of food:

1. Shrimp Dumplings
2. Sui mai
3. BBQ Pork Buns
4. Chinese tamales
5. MANGO PUDDING --> Kelly found herself the STAR of her new adult film....*trumpets sound*

Directed by: Midori
*She might be putting a short clip of the mango action on her website. K: Let me know when you do. Hahahahahahaha, ha. It makes me laugh.
If (R) was there, I wonder what other "movies" you guys can come up with using our leftovers. Why does Santa Cruz have to be so far away? I hope we can all do our Mini Road Trip! :P

Watch out world, KRSH will be united once more.

So we took Sara home, drove back to mi casa to get Kelly's car. Chatted a while before we got out of the car. I found a hair that had at least 7 split ends! I had a test the next day and I stayed out longer than I intended, so I walked her to her Civiv. The wind was blowing hard, so Kelly's Pocahontas fluttered in the wind. Before she left, she booty-called me with her horn. :-) ..... Yay!