Sunday, July 20, 2003

I woke up this morning from a horrifying dream of my mom passing on hair lice to me. *shudder* They were white and gross.
We went to Carl's Jr for lunch before Shelby's b-ball game. While we were eating at Carl's Junior's restuarant, Shelby told me a funny story.

My dad had went into the same Carl's Jr to buy lunch. He placed his order and as always, requested a receipt. (He believes that if we ever died from their food, we'd have the receipt to prove that we ate there. Go figure.) He realized that the total was cheaper than he had expected. He took a look at the receipt. Below the total, was a 10% discount. To the left of the 10%, it said "Senior Discount."

My dad looks like a senior citizen!

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, APES!! <--pretend that's really really BIG.
This weather, I swear, is going to be the last of me. I hate sweating. It makes me sticky and gross. *drip*

I was just reading Ra's journal, my only update on what's going, since I've been so busy rolling in the dough. He said something that made me feel comforted.
Taken from his journal:

i wish i could be like those people sometimes, living in the moment and just dealing with crap when it happens. i'm a worrywort. i'm so scared of so many things right now.
(end quote)

As am I. Ask Sara, how many times she has to say, "Ay Hollie, stop being such a worrywart." I worry about everything and anything. I worry about if I did something wrong at work and the consequences that come, I worry about if an unintentional comment I had made had hurt someone's feelings, I worry about the future, basically...just life in general. My mom says I've inherited my grandma's worrywart-ness.

I guess that's just something I have to work on. Boo. Something else to do with my summer. Heehee.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Last post, June 24. That was almost 3 weeks ago. It's been so long.
Reason being that not much has been going on. All it has been is work work work. Because I need money money money. For school school school. That sucks sucks sucks. :)

I am so tired. Debby and I went swimming this morning. And here I am at work. I feel so...refreshed right now. Ahhhh. Kirsten's rather quiet today, so the room is soleeemmnn. Today is half day, so I'm here till 3ish.

Cliffnotes / Sparknotes / MaxNotes / Pinkmonkey notes version:
saw sara, ra, and kendo (as DB puts it) on Monday. shopping at the Town Center to return my sunglasses because they were too tight for my head. major headache from "strectching them out". My craving for Rite-Aid Chocolate Malted Crunch also has been satisfied. What is up with these ice-cream cravings? I have one right now for...french vanilla...the Dreyers kind. mmmm..

okay...enough of my cravings. must get to work. kirsten has started. more laters!
y'alls just have a good day now. :)