Thursday, October 30, 2003

So "mid-terms" are kinda over...but then again, I have three more exams in 2 weeks. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. All in a row. Sweeet. I'm still burnt out from the last batch of exams. Sometimes, I really really hate the quarter system. Go! Go! Go! is all you ever hear. *Blah*

Anywhos, I had my Animal Biology lab today. We were observing Siamese fighting fish who rode an airplane all the way from Thailand (or so the professor says), just so we can see them turn red in the belly. These male fishies are very territorial. They puff their gills, flare their fins, and turn RED when you put them next to another male. So cool to watch!! This guy brings up a beeker with a fish inside and asks Professor Khollesi, "Is this male or female? They crossed out female." (Guess they couldn't make up their mind.) Professor Khollesi proclaims that he has seen better males, so he ain't all that sure if it's a male or female.

The guy with the beeker walking back to his lab table, "Maybe it's in between."

Even fishes can be saranormal!! Heehee. Tomorrow's Halloween. Very excited about learning how to make smores and candy apples. Sara says candles don't melt marshmellows. Booo. It'd be so cool to sit outside, each of us with their own candle, and just ROAST, baby, ROAST! :D

So, my studying awaits. Until then. Y'alls just have yourself a nice frickin' day.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Someone decided to use the Camry as a scratching pad where they scratched a " * " as big as my hand on the side of the car.


I bet they're worth a lot down in Hell. They really should take that "How Much Your Soul is Worth?" test that Kelly linked on her blog.
BOO on them. Just BOOooOoooOOoo.

Monday, October 20, 2003

Pearl's birthday Laua...SucCess!! *Must find USB port to load pictures*

We went there 2 hours earlier to help Amy decorate. Duude...Dr. Lam's community is nice!! We arrived later than we expected. I pulled up to the gate and said importantly to the security guard, "We are the guests of Dr. Eddie Lam." He gives us a parking permit and we head on in. First, we had to drive to Dr. Lam's house to pick up the key to the clubhouse. His directions: After you get past the gate, you make a right, left, right, left, left, right, straight, left. (that's how big the community was!!) His house is the one with the pumpkin and the Frankenstein. As we drove there, we saw parked outside all these huge houses, were these BMW's, Porsche's, Lexus, Mercedes',.....and here we are, in my tiny dinky little Corolla.

We ended up passing his house because the little green man in front of his house was not Frankenstein, it was a UFO martian. We finally got the key to the club house. We decorated and decorated. The place looked great!! So festive. :D

We waited outside by the flaming torches to lei all the guests as they came in. Everything went pretty smoothly...though, thank you so very much to Sara and to DB for lending me their music. They needed such a variety of music! Musical chairs music, Limbo music, and unfortunately, STRIPPING music. (I used "Fever" by Michael Buble.)

What was the stripping music for? For the doctor's to do lap dances on top of PEARL!! They tied her up in the chair and blindfolded her. full of doctors, doing lap dances to my manager, no less! I'd have to say, Dr. Lam, we knew how he put himself through Med school at USC. He was so good, it was scary. He put frosting on Pearl and licked it off of her. Yes, L-I-C-K-E-D. I will never look at Dr. Lam the same. Ever.

This was to stall till the real thing arrived. A real live breathing STRIPPER.

He came as a policeman (typical). He was white/hispanic. Okay looking, till he started stripping down to a G-string. There was literally JUST a string, nothing else! He said, "Now I want you ladies to spread your legs nice and wide for me when I make my rounds." All three of us looked at each other, "What the frickin' hell! He's going to come over here!" Thank goodness I was sitting by a table cause that's where I hid my legs.

He did some, er, stuff to Pearl. (Ew, he actually touched her titties, that little pervert) He started to come over to Helen, Rachel, Carol, and me. You know what we did? We ran! You know what he did? He came after us! He said, "What game are we playing, Run Away From the Stripper?" So finally, he went after the Hispanics. They were mucho brave and actually put $$$ down his G-string. After he was done, he looked over at us three. I ended up in the corner. When he was standing in front of me, package and all in my face, I started waving my arms and saying "I don't have any money!" His reply, "No, you're thinking, 'Oh, I hope the stripper doesn't find me!!!"
Then he slaps my butt, rubs his side on me, and leaves!! I call sexual harassment!!

I didn't want him touching me and I didn't want to touch him either. Us three have strippers EVER for anyone's party.

So those were my first experiences. Exotic doctor dancers and a stripper. First one was just hilarious and second one, not so pleasant.

DB, don't tell Yee Ma. :D

Friday, October 17, 2003

Tomorrow will be Pearl's luau. It's the big 5-0 and the company thought they'd throw her a surprise birthday party. Dr. Lam offered the clubhouse in his..."town"? down in Cerritos. (One of those private communities...sigh...the life of a doctor)

Amy, one of my co-workers, spent over $200 on decorations! Us four and her are the decorating committee!! We have "TEA-KEE" lights, grass skirts for the tables, candles (my idea, of course. Hopefully, K & S, I won't set off the smoke alarm again.), fake fruit, anything Hawaiian, Amy bought!! She bought one of everything from the Hawaiian section at Party City. She actually wants us to cut tea leaves from the tree in our parking lot for the party!! I'm glad I'm short. Helen has to climb up there and do the sawing. HehHeh. Pays to be shorter.

I borrowed a blue Hawaiian shirt with white and red flowers from Stuart. (He actually suggested my aunty to wear his red white and blue Hawaiian shirt on the 9/11 Rememberance Day.) I borrowed some "PUC-CA" shells from my Aunty and Debby. Just gotta grab my khaki's and I'm ready to work at Banana Bay!!

Dr. Chen suggested the girls wear coconut shells and hawaiian skirts. We said, if he'd do it, then we'd do it. Ha. I'd like to see him fit his boobies in two cocunut shells.

Will be taking pictures. I need to learn how to erase the pictures from my digital camara.
More about it tomorrow!!!

Have a good one, Everyone!!!!! :D

Thursday, October 16, 2003


With Love from
The Freak

P.S. You're gonna have to pretend that it's gigantic, cause all I know is how to bold it. HeeHee

Wednesday, October 15, 2003


I love you, Soul Mate. You know where to find me.
Somebody has to change that. ----------------------------------------->
I'm not a Beach anymore. I'm know what, I don't know what CSULA has for their mascot. Oh well. :D

These coming few weeks is gonna be busy. Midterms all around! The only thing keeping me optismitic is that Thanksgiving, then Christmas is just around the corner. My WHOLE family will be there for Thanksgiving dinner, well, from my Dad's side at least.

My semi-new aunt, Regina, is very family oriented. This is one of the best things in the world! I normally saw my Uncle maybe once a year, sometimes even less. But since my Uncle married Regina, I've seen all 3 of them (Regina has a little girl named Catalina from her previous marrriage) almost 4 times already since January. We're actually having Thanksgiving dinner at their house this year!! She's making turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, the works!

Thanksgiving gonna be great this year. :D

Monday, October 13, 2003


Now the gun is lifted away from my head. :]


Saturday, October 11, 2003

Kudos to the very happy camper who made $700+ with less than a week's worth of planning. Send pics of new do, please.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

I really should be studying, but the humming of the CPU is just calling for me, so I went to it and here I am. I went to your blog, Kelly, and clicked on the "PudgeeFeet" link, just to see what was keeping you entertained. :D I started clicking PudgeeFeet's links and found this guy named Eugene Wu. I was looking at all the pictures he took of all the places he went to. Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Shang Hai...and I was like wow...some of these were really good. I wondered if he was a photographer and wha la!!

Vely vely nice pictures. It sounded like so much fun!!! Going out to all those different places and taking all these really interesting pictures that just tells you all about the culture! know! I'm going to do that one day. Go out and see the world....

Okay, I've come back to reality. But seriously, I will one freakin' day.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

I love the Track team! They had practice today so they closed the track. No running! Woot woot!We'll have to run it Monday, but procrastination is the best. :D

We watched a video today in my psychology class on an assassin named the "Ice Man". This guy killed close to 200 people!! He couldn't even remember the number! It was an HBO interview, so they showed the distorted corpses of the actual victims. Like gag me with a spoon? I couldn't eat my "cha siu" for lunch cause it made me think of the packaged arms he sawed off and mailed out. *gag gag*

DB, I have no idea why you would ever want to be a forensics person. It makes my stomach flip upside down just thinking of it. *gaaaaag*

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I have to run the Mile tomorrow for KIN lab. I haven't done that since......since.....8th grade!? Someone go to the CSULA track tomorrow and gather what's left of me.

Maybe I can just pretend to faint. I'm very good at that. "Catch me. I feel faint." :D

Haha. So today I went to go visit Helen, my co-worker, who's doing her volunteer hours in my Aunty's classroom. She's a teacher [ ;) I remembered to mention it this time. No more confusion. Hee. ] This Hispanic kid comes up to us and asks Helen, "Who is that?" and Helen tells him, "She's my friend." [blank stare from him] "She's mah amiga. Ugh." Getting as hispanic gangster as an Asian can get.

The kids were all fun. Couldn't remember my name, though. Then again, it was my first day. I'll be doing my own hours this next quarter. I'm kind of intimidated. Helen has some pretty big shoes to fill!!

Till then. :D

Friday, October 03, 2003

We were having lunch today. We "pho"ed it. Heehee. Just sitting around the patient beds, with our bowls of pho, and Pearl throws out a line that makes everyone stop eating.

She says, "I want blue hair." She was dead serious. Imagine, Pearl, my manager, having BLUE hair. And she was saying my highlights were getting light. At least, mine are a pretty GOLD color.