Monday, September 19, 2005

Loser (5:24:57 PM): you need to update your blog
starmienite (5:25:56 PM): yes sir
starmienite (5:26:00 PM): is it boring you? ;-)
Loser (5:26:09 PM): very much
Loser (5:26:14 PM): to the point where I'M blogging.

And then today...

Loser (10:38:03 AM): you seriously need to update your blog
Loser (10:38:10 AM): possibly with pics of your dog

I know my blog is boring, Loser. I will post up pictures from our Hearst Castle trip and pictures of Joey. =D

This weekend was pretty low key, but nonetheless, fun.

Surprise for Sara day! I was in charge of distracting Sara from her house, while the guys brought the bike over to her house, but we decided later to do it at Jason's house. I took her to Target...and then got a call from Damon saying that they were ready. We went to Denny's for breakfast (mMMmmMm!). Jason tried sticking the box underneath her feet for her to discover, but the waitress ruined it. BOOOO. She found the box with the bike bell in it.

The Loser's lame joke..."I told you I'd give you a "ring" for your birthday." hahhahahahaha...what a loser. ;D Anyways, we went back to Jason's on the pretense that we were going to play Cranium amd surprised her with the bike. =D We're glad you liked it, Sar! We did end up playing Cranium. FUN game!

Sara and I....Annie. *high five* The guys won cause we let them get away with stuff. ;D

Took Joey for his shot and his bath. Yvonne brought Bobby (Joey's father) over, so they could play together. I don't think Bobby remembered Joey. Bobby scared him so much, there was a trail of peepee as Joey ran away from him. Poor thing. I'm taking Joey over to see his Mama this coming weekend. Wonder if she'll remember him. A couple of other co-workers came also and we had hot pot at my house. SO GOOD. Japanese beef. MMMmMmMmm. :P

After they left, DB came over to watch "Taking Lives" with me. I seriously did not fall asleep. I was just blinking for a long period of time. HEEEEEEEEE. Taking Lives was pretty good...I knew it was him, the killer!! Though when my parents came home, we did have to fast forward through my brother's fave part. Angelina Jolie's ( > )( > ). And that's the only reason why he came out of his room too.

Same ol, same ol. Church, lunch, Joey, cleaning, and homework. Sara, Damon, and Jason came over at night to play with Joey. I'm glad they did!! I was in desperate need of a break. I really need to take more pictures. Gotta find that camara.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Congratulations on your new Baby G, Damon!!