Monday, November 29, 2004

Thanksgiving Weekend.

Productivity: None.
Fun: Too much! :D

My "To Do" List for the weekend was quite long (which explains this extremely LONG ass post)...
CHDV 494 Final (Monday)
English Peer Review Final Paper
CHDV 340 Presentation

It all started pretty hectic on Wednesday.

Work, school, and then back to work. By the time I got out of class, everyone at the office was gone. Just me and Helen. No boss. No work. So relaxing. We stayed at the office till about 4:30. I went to my grandma's to pick up Shelby and played with Paige and Evan. Had dinner with Aunty and Stuart.

8 o' clock. Phone rings. Damon says dinner at Sara's apt to discuss trip details. Yay! I rush on home. Jason picks me up and we head to Albertson's to buy more food. Market was frickin' PACKED. You could imagine, day before Thanksgiving. O_O

Arrive at Sara's apt in record time. Damon and Sara had dinner all ready. The chicken was really good, Sar! And seriously, I WAS full. I had TWO dinners. We dicussed trip stuff. (I'm getting kinda excited, guys!) Afterwards, Jason and I did the dishes and managed to get Sara's Hello Kitty collectors item plate stuck in BB's huge ass bowl. It took 2 hours, a couple phone calls home, and Google to get that plate out without breaking it. O_O Yes, yes. So talented of us.

Thursday - Thanksgiving!!!

Dim sum early in the Morning with mom's side of the family. I (*edit* Debby and I)put up the Christmas tree, while my dad and Shelby put up the Christmas lights. (And it is NOT TOO EARLY!) By dinner time, I was all ready for some deep-fried Turkey. We headed over to Pasadena. That dinner was GOOOOOD. Even better, dessert. Costco's Chocolate Lovers Cake. O_O SO GOOOOD

Friday -
After-Thanksgiving shopping! Kinda. I was too tired from all the festivities so I missed all the good sales. But I did manage to get a digital camara. Finally! Canon PowerShot SD200, baby! Extra large LCD screen for the Papa cause he can't seeeeee.

At night, dinner at Macaroni Grill with Sara, Damon, & Jason. Sara mentioned she wanted to learn how to play MJ, so we decided, why not? My parents were having a mini party at my house, but thank goodness, the majority of the people already left by the time we got to my house. Poor guys, I hope my parents and their friends didn't scare you guys when they surrounded us. O_O

My mom was a bit aggressive with Sara and Jason, who were just learning how to play. She gets a little bit TOO involved. Heeeeeee. They both did pretty darn well for beginners. We played till 2:30. They're all hooked. Suckerrs. :D

Sara and I originally planned for breakfast together, but since we stayed up to play MJ, we didn't wake up till 11:30. We beat the guys in waking up late. We decided to go to lunch instead. We haven't done that in a while. We headed over to Damon's house to give LYnette her b-day gift. :D We dropped Sara off at home so she can go to USC game, so the 3 of us headed over to the dealerships to find a new car for Jason. The AUdi guy was frickin' crazy. O_O He turned really fast on those freeway on-ramps and the car skidded in the back. FUN! Dangerous, but fun.
After all the excitement, both from the Audi guy and the talkin' Jason gave to the BMW sales manager about our salesguys, we picked Sara up and headed over to NYC Rest. for some grub. Ha. We looked stupid, cause we couldn't read the menu in Chinese. We managed. :D Us, gamba-holics, decided to head over to Jason's house and played MJ. AGAIN. Bacahead won on all CHickenhands. Sar and I pissed, cause we had frickin' pretty hands.

Church. Lunch with Grandma afterwards. Dropped her off at her apartment and to pick up my parents car. Jason calls about hot pot stuff. I see Shelby getting out of the car. Don't know why, but assume he's helping my mom carry stuff, so I sit and wait. I check my phone and realize I've been on the phone with Jason for the past 25 minutes. How long does it take to carry stuff to the car? I hang up and call Shelby.

Me: Where the hell are you?
Shelby: With mom. Where are YOU?
Me: Still at the apartment waiting for YOU!
Shelby: Oh, I left.

No duh, Sherlock! So I was sitting out there like an idiot. Psh. Go home, attempt to finish off "To Do List". Sar picked me up at 5:15 to go to the market to get some GC. (SOrry about the cash thing. We go again this weekend. :D) Head over to Jason's house for hot pot. Good crap to eat, man. Afterwards, more MJ! Stupid STupid Damon had to take all the cards I needed!! This means, I didn't win ANYTHING. NOT ONE.

Oh wells. There's next time, man. Just you wait. Heehee. I AM the W1nnAr!!

*edit* This weekend has been the BEST, ever! Quoting Sara...

"Having the BEST time with the BEST friends I could possibly ask for
Being extremely thankful for EVERYTHING this Thanksgiving :) "

The End. (Until next Weekend. Muhahaa)

Friday, November 26, 2004

Think Asians can tell Asians apart? HA!
It's actually harder than it looks. Heehee.

Try this, guys!!


Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Bebo Norman

Angels on a subway
She's buried in a magazine
Stuck inside a replay
Of someone else's dream

Prophets made of paper
Don't tell her anything
She wants something just to save her
So she lifts her head and screams
She lifts her head and screams,

"I don't know You
But I love You anyway
I can't see You
But I hope You're here to stay
I don't know You
But I need You here with me
Cuz I'm falling down
I'm falling down."

Now angels on a runway
Looking for a big jet plane
To take her to a new day
She won't be back again
She won't be back again
And she says,

"You're on my side
You're just in time
I'm on my way
Don't know who You are
But I want You back again."

Sunday, November 14, 2004

this was the airplane guy.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

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Monday, November 08, 2004

Like Sara said....THIS COULD BE US!!

At the top of the world... Posted by Hello

Sunday, November 07, 2004

It's freezin. Still haven't had a chance to unpack my winter clothes yet. Must do.

Did homework ALLLL day, well, except when Alfie and DB came over. Had a reaaalllly looong break. They pick on me waaay too much. :D They were chasing me around the house trying to get a picture of me. (Reminds me of Kelly chasing me for a picture. I love hearing, "Damn it! She moved too fast!" Yes, Me...the speed demon. Muhaha!! 2 Fast, 2 Furious for y'alls!!) I also sang and danced my Korean "Three Bears" song for them, which for some weird reason, they totally cracked up at. I must say I have odd cousins. Cobras with a C fo life!!

After our little break together, we went our seperate ways. Alfred went off to play Stacks with his buddies, DB went off to watch The Grudge WITHOUT me (psh! Traitor.) and I went off with my "THREE friends", Sara Damon Jason. (Sara said, "I've been promoted to 3, instead of her being my only friend." How nice. THanks, DB.)

We went off to Fu Shings for dinner, which was A VERY NICE AND BEAUTIFUL RESTAURANT WITH GOOD FOOD AND GREAT SERVICE. FANK YOU SARA. :D Damon said the main thing that screamed this restaurant was not as authentic was the fact that the service was so good. The waiter thanked us everytime and told us our next dish will be coming shortly. We had a nice waiter. :D After din din, we brought our smelly food into Jason's "new" car. The smell of leather and chinese food don't mix very well, as we soon learned. We seriously thought someone farted. Ack. We drove down to Old Town for some dessert. It was a toss-up between restaurant dessert or Coldstones. We went up and all around to Islands, P.F. Changs (the Great Wall of Chocolate cracked me up), Yardhouse, and this Seafood restaurant to see their collection of desserts, but ended up heading to Coldstones for some ice-cream. We sat outside and just "chilled". Literally. It was freezin.

I don't know what was different about this time. I was with the same people. We did the same thing we always do. I mean, I always have fun when we go out, but this time, I had a reallly really good time. Was thinking "Dammn, now I have to go home" when we pulled up to my driveway.

(Maybe my hormones are outta whack...I'm being overly-emotional and sentimental? *shrugs* HeeHee. Maybe it's the Holidays!)
Anywhoots, gahm-sa-mi-dad Sallie (or was it Sarrie?) & Jamon. :D

Church as usual, but got there 15 minutes late and my favorite part, singing Worship songs, was over. DB came over beforehand to tell me about The Grudge. She was scared. Umm...stirs my curiousity even more. >:D But DB, you must keep your promise and watch it again with me. The Grudge and NOT The Incredibles. NOT THE INCREDIBLES. (Maybe I'll watch that with my 3 friends, but WE ARE WATCHING THE GRUDGE.)

After church, I went to go pick up Kirsten to go to a b-day party. Helen couldn't make it. What a bitch. Heehee. Yes, ELLENNN. You the bitch. So now I'm home. Maybe I should get my winter clothes out....mmmm...maybe later.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

So this this guy I didn't know IMs me on Yahoo! Messenger named Sag. Apparently, he's from a guy, 22 years old, he's Swedish from Sweden....if he's Swedish, then I'm a...

22 year old Korean girl
(was prepared to bust out my KOrean) who resides in Australia, majoring in psychology at her university. She likes to take pictures of places she likes to go, especially Sweden.

After I told him I was from Korea...
SAG: is a industrial country and has beautiful girls ,right/
SAG: very lovely and very attractive. and you are the most beautiful of them, right/how is your body

Hahaha. My body is phat. ;D

My partner in crime (aka The Boy Who Gronks) tells me to say my breast size is 42D.
Muhahaa. But then my Ego tells me to stop being mean and I just end the conversation with...

Dude, you're really creeping me out.

(Eh, just kidding. But I COULD HAVE. I hope SAG had fun too.)

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

:*) cLick cLicK

I'm not really sure of the words to say
If only you knew that I feel this way
I wanna give my heart to you
Show me the way that you want me to
I know for sure there's a place for us
I'm counting the days till I feel your touch
You come to me when I dream at night
When I'm with you, it will be so right
If you could see the love in my eyes
You should know that I'm on your side
I be yours, you be mine
Oh, what will I do?