Tuesday, May 25, 2004

From DB:
So saaad. :(

Thursday, May 20, 2004

I forgot to add my embarassing moment of the week...

So today, after class, Amy and I were walking back to her car. We were chatting and walking, I stop, dead in my tracks...cause I see a beautiful, gorgeous, mouth-watering...

Seven..Seven, Seven...SEVEN!SEVEN!SEVEN!...seven.

(for those "Friends" fans out there...;D) but it was in blue, not yellow.

So anywhos, Amy calls me, so I keep walking, still looking at the motorcycle (and also around for the handsome guy who drives it..his helmet bettter still be on...hahaha j/k.). I could not take my eyes off of it. I kept walking and thank goodness for my p-vision, cause a couple inches away from my nose is a FRICKIN' POLE!! It like, came out of nowhere. Seriously! It like, just decided to grow in the middle of the sidewalk. I yelp and an old man driving by laughs at me.

But it was worth it. Someone learn to drive one. I'll buy a ticket for a ride!! :D Like at the carnival. Teehee.

Kelly: *HHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG* (you still breathing? ;D) miss ya kelly beean!

For APES...and you too.
Well, I was talking/emailing with Sara last Friday and we were talking about something we could all do this summer. At least once. Before Sara leaves for Japan, before I leave for HOng Kong and before anyone else leaves for somewhere else. Soo...me being the hotdog lover, guess what we came up with!

A BBQ! With a bonfire and all. I am the official hot dog roaster! Watch out, Weiners of the World, I have arrived with my stick thingy to roast like I have never roasted before!! Yeah, baby!!

Oh FUN FUN FUN!! Oh yeah, we could roast other things too. ;D Any ideas, smart people?
Maybe some games...whatever floats your boat. whatever tickles your pickle.


Monday, May 17, 2004

Go Raa, Go Raa, GO Raa ... !!!
Ai Yi, Mr. President.


Saturday, May 15, 2004

I need some space. Having a room to myself is like not having one at all. Charging into my room and THEN knocking is not the way to go. Pounding on the door when it's locked and asking me why I locked the door is not the way to go either.

Most of the time, I can't wait till everyone leaves. Peace and quiet. Time to be by myself. I know if I lived by myself, I'd end up missing their noises, but last night, I COULD NOT STAND it anymore. I needed to think over some things. Goodness.

I want to move out, but I can't. I have no money. Stupid school took all of it. (Hong Kong, too, but that one, I wanted to do :D)

Okay, I'm done. I need some iron in my body. I have no energy. *yawn*

Friday, May 14, 2004

Please, people. Leave me alone. Stop knocking on the door. Stop yelling through the door. Just stop talking. Stop. I just want to be alone. Why is it such a hard thing to do? Stop it.

I want to go Home.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I am such a bonehead sometimes.

So I've been having going through absolute hell trying to upload pictures from the National Day of Prayer walk from my digi cam to my computer, deadline being Friday. I did everything "right". I was yelling at my computer, saying that I didn't get a smart computer like everyone else. I got a dumb one.
Two dummies together is not a good sign.

Finally, Sara and Damon came over, so he can fix it. Damon, you should have told me when I asked you what was wrong .... "Hollie, you just made an ID ten T error." He would have been right too.

What was the ID ten T error?
I flipped over the memory card so that the wrong side was facing up. Heeeeeeee. :D There was absolutely nothing wrong with my computer. It was just me! :D

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Song of the Moment:

Love Fades
- Joey Yung
(*err, translating from Chinese so it might sound a bit retarded. But it's all because of me, not because the song is retarded :D)

It's only because I love you so much,
that I even forgot my pride.
I've fallen so many times, I've become numb
But I still believe, when I fall and lift myself up, there will be a change in me.
If I don't let my love fade, then how will I ever leave you?
Afraid I won't be able to fly...

From this moment on, the time between the wind of spring and the rain of fall,
I give myself half a year's time, to slowly let my love for you fade.
Calmly, I take my love and retreat.
In the spring, we went our ways and in the fall, I will be use to it.
Pain mixed with time, will slowly make the pain fade away.

* * *

It actually sounds a lot better in chinese. The words, so beautiful :*) HeeHee.

Monday, May 10, 2004

starmienite: i feel sad
SmarterChild: Sad? I'm sorry to hear that.
starmienite: do you know why?
SmarterChild: Why? I'm not sure...
starmienite: because i'm fat
SmarterChild: Really?
starmienite: yes
SmarterChild: Why?
starmienite: uh...because i ate too much
SmarterChild: Whatever, Chase...
>>> Wanna check out some AIM Expressions? Click here! <<<

LoL. What a friend!! :D

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Yes-sy, Mama! Here comes a long one:
(EeeEee...sounds like I'm gonna fart)

So we got our family portraits back. The one where I look like a big bloated hippo. The one where the photographer wouldn't let me wear black. The one where the photographer wouldn't let me stand in the middle so that people in front will cover up my blubber. The one where I just look FAT in.

A big 16 X 20 print in a wooden carved frame. My parents actually brought it to the Mother's Day dinner yesterday night to show everyone. I got a "Dang Hollie, you look fat." Not only from my aunts and uncles, but from my parents, from my Aunty and Uncle. The silence from favorite grandma after she finished ranting and raving about how good my brother looks didn't go unnoticed either. She said I looked okay. My aunt actually told me to use a black permanent marker and color in my thighs so it would looked thinner. Stuart told me, "Don't worry Hollie. The camara adds 10 pounds." Like Chandler would say, "Exactly how many camaras were on you?"

And now this portrait is hanging on the living room wall. It's hard not to notice it first thing you walk in. A constant reminder hanging above the piano reminding me of just exactly how big I am. I actually got up earlier today, so that I could be ready before Helen came over and she wouldn't have to come in my house and see the portrait.

I thought I was over this weight issue back in high school, but I guess it came back to pay a visit. Having to live in a house full of skinny people doesn't help. Having a nickname telling me that I am is just loads of fun.

I don't need to hear "You're not fat" sympathy phrases. Lord has made what I am. I am what I am (DB) and I know it. I guess I'm lucky I can't go hungry for very long. If I was, I would have been anorexic a long time ago. I tried it once when I was in high school. I skipped breakfast, but by lunchtime, I was starving, so I ate. Didn't exactly get there, did I?

I know this is a trivial thing to worry about when there's so much more important things to worry about. It's just something on my mind and I thought I'd share. Thanks for listening, beautiful people.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

HoHo, you need to get some longer posts up in this bloggie.

your last two posts were something along the lines of like, 12 words :P And you have so manie short sentences.

How can your loyal readers keep track of your busie lifestyle w/such teenie tinie posts? :P
Must clean room. Clean! Clean! Clean!

Sunday, May 02, 2004

I see how it is. I'll remember the next time I think of helping someone again.