Saturday, May 28, 2005

Our greatest lessons come out of pain,
and the Bible says God keeps a record of our tears.
Whenever problems occur,
remember that God uses them
to fulfill all five purposes in your life;
Problems force you to focus on God,
draw you closer to others in fellowship,
build Christlike character,
provide you with a ministry,
and give you a testimony.
Every problem is purpose-driven.
- Rick Warren
The link has the first seven chapters of the book. I honestly can say that this is the book that has changed me the most. Give it a chance.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

DB (6:26:25 PM): hollie is cool.
DB (6:26:29 PM): i will not repeat that.

Just thought I'd write that down. =D

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

DB says I haven't updated for a while, so I guess I shall.

Things have finally winded down to a slow trot. Just a 10 page History paper and a Kinesiology group presentation for the next couple of weeks and then finals. *whew*

Summer is creeping up faster than I expected. I was originally going to take summer classes and be done with my B.A. by Fall 05. Because 3 co-workers of mine will be taking their long vacations over the summer, all that is left is just me and Helen to fill in. And so, everything is pushed back. I will be done by Winter 06. I guess it works out better that way. I will still have my health insurance under full-time student.

This past weekend was rather busy.

After work, I stayed at home to keep my mama company. My dad and brother went up to Sacramento for a b-ball tournament.

Went out with Kirsten and Rachel. That was mucho fun! We took Rachel to Trader Joe's (was her first time) I needed to pick up some flaxseed (to eat, not to plant) and Kirsten bought some organic water something. We took maaaaaaaany samples. It was GOOD. Prime rib and lemonade. :P**

Afterwards, we headed over to Santa Anita mall. We watched Monsters-In-Law, which was way funnier than I thought it would be. J. Lo was pretty funny herself. Rachel needed to get some souvenirs for home. This will be her last trip to the US. I know I have been saying that for a while, but this time it's final. She got her passport...did the ceremony...and so, there's no reason to come back anymore. =(

She was very sweet. She helped me buy the entire Friends series for a really good price. (I love bootlegs!)She also threw in a few movies and a AF polo shirt. She says they have "DaVinci Code" in paperback in Thailand. Muhaha. I love Thailand too. I really want to read DaVinci Code. I want to see what the fuss is all about. Our church wrote a whole article about in "The Table" church newsletter. Right now, I'm reading "Empress Orchid". On sale at Borders. Score, baby, score.

I'm way off topic here. Oops? Then there was Sara's graduation party at Los Gueros and then D&Bs.

Church...Ministry Fair...then...trip down to LACMA. Haven't been there in a while. It's so pretty over there! Big too. I got my exercise for the day there.

Sara cooked dinner for Damon, Jason, and I. Stuffed shells. SO GOOD. and I don't like cheese. so there you go. Thx Sar!! :P

And that's it. I am losing steam. Maybe because it's 2:08 and I have to clock back in from lunch at 2:09. I guess that's it for now.

Anay-gae-say-yo, people! ^_^

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Just an FYI, for everyone...
Heating up a peeled boiled egg in the microwave will only lead to an explosion.

We went to see Jason's play on Saturday called "Everyman". It was REALLY good. The singing was very American Idol, very Kelly Clarkson. It seemed rather short, but it was actually a 90 minute production, so that goes to say that time flies when you're having fun! :D

After the show, we all headed down to Downtown Disney for some grub. Sara, Caroline, and I shared a chocolate cake thingy (they loved it...kinda too sweet for my taste) and a apple cobbler thingy (vely vely good....MmMMmM...see? I'm not picky. =D) I want to take Paige and Evan there to see the "animals" and er, to see their reaction when the "storm" swings by. Muhaha.

I love my babies. It was Evan's 2nd birthday party this Sunday at "Under the Sea" Indoor Playground. Yea...and I kinda figured out that I kinda suck at Fooz ball. Though, I did score a couple goals and blocked a few balls. *beam* We should buy one for my birthday, so I can practice at home. DB says it's less than a hundred. MuhaHA.

So anyways...
Things have been busy around here. I don't know what else to say. Heehee. How boring.
(DB, no comment. Don't turn everything I say against me like the Loser.)