Thursday, June 30, 2005

The new rep from Quill Office Supplies keeps calling me "Harry".
"So I'll see you tomorrow at 3, Harry. You have a good one."

I hope he doesn't mean "hairy".

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The new Disneyland is opening up in Hong Kong soon.
It's going to be wierd when Mickey and his friends speak Chinese.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Happy Birthday
to the LoSeR.

Monday, June 20, 2005

[EDIT: Our trip to the library.]

DB is the greatest.
I suck big lesbian balls.

Image hosted by
Hollie "in training." [AKA: uncool nerd.]

Image hosted by
"Nice ass there, Mr. Incredible ;D"

Image hosted by
Waiting for Debby in the parking lot.

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Hollie "in-training" Part II. Gah, poor Paige.

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"Where the f*ck is my ham Jeh Jeh!?!?!?"

Image hosted by
"Damn you ant! That's MY sandwich!"

Image hosted by
Um, yeah.

Image hosted by
"HAHHAHHA, Jeh Jeh's face is funny!!"

Image hosted by
"What BITCH?!"

Image hosted by
"What's the number for Hooters Jeh Jeh?"

Image hosted by
Look! Hollie has a Paige coming out of her crotch!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Throw yo hands in the ai-re! Throw 'em like you just don't ca-re!

Image hosted by
"Here Jeh Jeh, I got you WEEEEEED!"

Image hosted by
"I got you WEEED too but I started without you Jeh Jeh."

Image hosted by
"Put down the camera and push meeee biiitttccccchhhh."

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"Jeh Jeh, you're too ugly."

Image hosted by
"Jeh Jeh, come here so I can kick your crotch!"

Monday, June 13, 2005

Good luck, Kelly & April on fiNaLs!!
We shall see you this weekend.

I'm sleepy. Gotta wake up early to take Gma to the doctors tomorrow morning.
More laters.

I'm outtie. Like a bellybutton.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

And now, I am free to roam about the country.

(Until September, that is.)

I had my last final today. It feels real nice, but at the same time, it doesn't feel like I'm finished. All that studying and cramming...and now, HaLt. Nada. Nothing to do. Not that I'm complaining or anything.


DB has moved back home and it's been great! I love having her home and having someone to hang out with, other than Shelby. We have had major Friends Fest all week.

"A chicken. Paper. A GHOST!"
Joey cracks me UP. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!~

After my last final today, I came home and picked DB up in my pimpin' red car. She went with me to my video stores. I have some major soap opera catchin' up to do. Afterwards, we hit up Tapioca Express and got some drinks and popcorn chicken. Vely vely yummy. :P We then took my pimpin' red car to my Aunty's house to see the kids. My pimpin' red car baaarely made it up that huge hill. It stayed in first gear, till it chugged it's way up to second gear. Poor baby. We thought we wouldn't make it. O_O

Next week, I am taking off from work to relax and wind~down from school.
Wednesday, we are taking the kids out for the morning. Hitting up Montebello Library for Preschool Story time and Arts & Crafts then for a picnic in the park. =D Should be fun.

This summer is going to be great.

Goals for the Summer
1.) Learn to play the guitar. (Well, at least know more than 5 chords. How lame is that? =D)
2.) Learn how to drive stick. (Or at least, attempt to drive stick.)
3.) Test drive a Highlander and/or G35. (Sara Damon Jason??)
4.) Learn to ride a motorcycle. (DB?)
5.) Quit worrying.

We shall see how those go. Let's see how many I actually accomplish.
My soap opera tapes are done rewinding. I go bye-bye.

Oh yeaa...
(Good luck, Derk on Monday. Kick some (____)

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Damon, Sara, and Jason just called to wish me luck on finals this week.
I love my "only" friends. =D

I can't wait to meet Charlie next week, Sar. I hope he likes me.
To the Loser and DB:

You scored as latino. you a latina or a latino









Are you a different race than you think you are?
created with

And I have nothing else to say.
Y ^_^ Y

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I'm waiting for the feeling in my fingers to come back again. I just e-mailed my CHDV professor with a question. So as I sit here and wait for a reply, I'm going to update.
So Memorial Day weekend was a blast. Sort of. Well, it had it's ups and downs.

I saw DB's apartment for the first time and last time. I helped DB move back home from Fullerton this Friday. Who knew she had so much crap? She filled up her car and my car with junk. That was fun. Sometimes, I like "long" drives home. I can listen to some music and relax. I'm glad that she's home. It's like having a roomie again. =D Welcome home, DB!

I did homework for the most part. Left the house around 4ish to go to Kirsten's house. Was going to hitch a ride with them down to Bellflower for our co-worker, Yvonne's Memorial Weekend BBQ. Good food. Lots of hot dogs. MmMmmm. I love hot dogs! Night time rolled around and...

(See? I told you she was fast. 10 minutes. She is so cool.)

...Katherine brought out the booze. She claimed she spent a Benjamin on all the alcohol and that it was up to us, non-drivers, to finish it. Smirnoffs, Beer, Vodka, Gin, Wine. I declined cause I really did not want to drink, but 2 hours later...5 shots of Vodka in my system. (Yea, Kelly, I don't know how you did 7. Bow down to you and Apes.) Then Helen, drunk already, made me drink a glass of wine. Now let me tell you, this is worst than the boiled egg + microwave story. I discovered vodka + wine = disaster, at least for me. I threw up a total of 4 times (positive: I lost all those hot-dogs I ate that night. 0 fat gained that night. negative: By the 4th time, I was throwing up some nasty tasting stuff. I really think it was the Vodka I was throwing up.) The kids at the BBQ were laughing at us 4 drunkies. Yes, kids. AND HELEN AND I ARE GOING TO BE TEACHERs. I also passed out next to the toilet, till Helen came charging, declaring that she needed to go. So Katherine and Angela, kindly, dragged me out to the hallway, goal destination being the living room. Yea...didn't happen. They said I weighed a ton, so I was left in the hallway.

Yvonne took us in. Helen and I stayed at her house to sober up. The first time I meet Yvonne's boyfriend was in the hallway. He is telling me "I have plastic bags here. Please throw up on it." I look up at him and wave. (This is all according to what I could remember.) We sleep in her living room/hallway. The doorbell rings at 1:30 AM. Yvonne's boyfriend peeks out the window.

Y's BF: Sh*t! It's a f*ckin cop!
Helen rushes to the door. *muffled talking*
Y's BF (peering out the blinds): Oh SH*T!! He's still there.
Yvonne: Whaa??
Me (from the floor): It's Robbie, Helen's boyfriend.
Y's BF: Scared the hell out of me. I thought he was here for you two.

Robbie got a call about a robbery. (That kinda rhymes!) We waited for him to come back because Helen wanted to see him and I wanted to ride in his cop car, in the back, where all the bad boys sit. =D I was debating whether or not I wanted to meet him for the first time, smelling and looking like sh*t. It was a busy night, cause he got call after call, so we eventually left at 4 AM cause I was dead tired, and still a bit nauseous.

Woke up at 10 with a really bad hangover. Lunch with Aunty, Stuart, Paige, Evan, and Gma at Los Gueros. They liked it, though they thought it was kinda far. After that, had to go to the supermarket with mi madre for some fried-rice ingredients.

Was half an hour late cause of market and cause I needed to find some Pepto for my tummy, before going to Sar's house for a Memorial Day BBQ. Good foooood. Me likely the mushrooms. :P We sat and chatted under the tree in their backyard. We washed Sara's car. Played with her stilts. (well, in Jason's case, broke a stilt) Had some ice-cream floats. Took a walk to my house. Damon wanted to test drive my ghetto red car, for what reason, Sar and I don't know. He could not stop laughing at it's ghetto-ness. The beeping noise when you put it into reverse. The lack of power-steering and power-brakes. I think Sar and I are use to all that, having been in the Mercedes. We drove that clunker to Sara's house, where Damon called Jason out of Sara's house. (He didn't take the walk with us, that lazy ass.) Jason, then wanted a turn to drive it. Sara and I just shrugged at each other. Walked back to Sar's house. Sat on the steps and chatted. We left and snuck over to Jason's house and watched 3 Ninjas. It most definately was not as good as when I watched it as a little kid.

And that, my friend, was my Memorial day weekend.
Time for flashcards. =D (half an hour later. it is now 4:49)