Monday, April 28, 2003

Just finished writing an e-mail to SARS ( I like that. Very creative.) I am sitting here in the Language Labs, with 50 more minutes of time to do, and absolutely nothing to do. I'm "suppose" to be working on CyberChinese and Pinyin Master, but it's not like anyone does. With all this time in my hands, I will tell you about the events of yesterday and last night.

Yesterday was Shelby's championship game for the WY Basketball Tournament. The Evergreen Knights were fighting with the Hawks for the 1st Place position of the whole WY Tournament. They were losing at first, 0-7. Then, I got a call from Stuart saying that they were there in the parking lot. I was surprised they came. They normally run errands Sunday morning. I went outside and brought them in. Paigey was awed by the whole basketball game scene. She was a little frightened at first with all the coaches screaming at the players. Eventually, she said, "Paigey want to play ball too. Paigey want to play with GauGau (big brother in Chinese, meaning Shelby). :-) In the end, the Evergreen Knights kicked some major booty! 45-32. The Knights were the CHAMPIONS of the WY B-Ball Tournament!


So afterwards, me, Shelby, and my dad went to Stuart and Aunty's house for lunch. We had Rio's Pizza.

Kelly-Bean, don't read the following...
I had a stomache for the whole day yesterday. I think it might have been the pizza I ate for lunch. I had two slices of Rio's Pizza with pepperoni, mushroom, and sausage. Yummy mushroom. I love mushroom. I didn't peel the cheese off the pizza like normal,because there'd be no mushroom left for me, so I ate the mushroom with the cheese. Not a good idea. Anyone who eats pizza with me, please make me peel off the cheese. So I went to Chinese, came back, felt really bad, so I hit the sack at about 10:15. Couldn't fall asleep cause of stomachahe, but eventually did, only to wake up in the middle of the night with an even worst stomachache. It hurt really really bad. To the point where I was tossing and turning.

Sudden feeling of quizziness, so got out of bed, and slowly made my way to the restroom. Ha. No such luck. I exploded in the hallway, right outside of me and Shelby's room. My dad awoke to the sounds of splatter and Shelby to the sounds of me gagging in the hallway. I think I scared Shelby with my gagging. He wouldn't come near me.

My dad started lecturing me on being prepared. He said I should have grabbed the trash can. All this while I was still puking. Not the perfect time, Dad. Ever heard of "Papa, don't preach..cause I'm in trouble." How was I to know that walking would make me even more queezy. He woke up my mom. By this time, I was on the floor, exhausted. Much respect to my mom and dad for cleaning up after me. Even though I couldn't see, I could tell the huge puddle of a mess was really gross. Everything I had that day, was there on the hallway floor.

Kelly-Bean: You can start reading from here on.
Good news. I felt better and actually fell asleep. Had a weird dream at CSULB, Trace was there with me, keeping me company. Then Ra pops out of nowhere and says he's on spring break. Kelly's following behind. Nice reunion at LB. It was snowing too.

I skipped my 7:30 Philosophy class at ELAC. Any mention of food as of now, makes me want to reenact the events of last night. *blech* I was lucky today also, cause my Physics Lab Instructor didn't show up for class. Woot woot! Okies, nothing more to say. And I still have 30 more minutes. Gonna go and check out your blogs. Bye everyone!

Saturday, April 26, 2003

starmienite: hey!
starmienite: i am groggy
starmienite: my mom set the timer for me to do something
starmienite: and i hear it ticking away
starmienite: but i don't remember what i'm suppose to do when it rings
starmienite: my memory has gone sour

Convo with Sara....I feel groggy. In about 30 minutes, that timer is going to go RRRIIINNNNNNNNGGGG!! and I'll just sit here and try using my sour memory to remember what I'm suppose to do for my mom. This is what happens to old people. You young peeps just work that brain. Exercise exericse.

I went to work today. Had a really interseting convo with Rach about her 2 weird friends in Thailand. One is a guy who's gay, the other a girl. The guy gets mad at her when she calls him handsome. He says, "Call me beautiful." The other one, her old roomate, climbs on the balcony rail in their Level 11 apartment and says, "Do you think I'm pretty? I think I'm pretty. Then why don't I have a boyfriend? *swings legs* I see ugly girls with boyfriends. Why don't I have one? *swing legs* I am an adult. I am an adult because these past couple of weeks, I stayed out all night and got drunk. Therefore, I am an adult."

Her face brightens up when she talks about Thailand and I like hearing about her life in Thailand. Everything is so different over there. It's like a whole different world. I learned that Thai people see people who are gay as like heavenly spirits roaming the earth. It's not looked down upon as much as it is here. And FYI, our Ms. Universe (for Drags) is a Thai man. I saw his picture. How can he be a man? He looked so pretty. He looked better than me and I'M A GIRL! :-) I like hearing her stories and anecdotes.

So after work, I picked up lunch and headed over to my aunty's house with my Fish-Filet meal and a Big Mac for the pregnant one who already had lunch, btw, but was still hungry. Paigey was sick and cried a lot. Trying to stay with my aunty as much as possible in case anything happens, there will be someone there at least, to get the phone. She's due anytime now. I am rather excited. :-) Another big smile.

Here I am, at home now. I should get started on all those projects for my Child Development - Creative Experiences for Children class.


Thursday, April 24, 2003

shall I continue on? We met my FAVORITE uncle for lunch today. ;-) Guess what he had for me? Vaness' autograph to YOURS TRULY! AAHH! I

This is what it says:

to: Holly! <3 <--a big heart
his chinese character name
Vaness (big loops and lines)

3 <--His number in F4

God Bless! <--WHAT A SWEETIE! He told God to bless me. :*)

I am melting. I told my uncle to tell my aunt to call me when he goes there to eat again. (He's a frequent customer.) Whoo hoo!

SARA: I am so sorry for making us leave early, but THANK YOU for lunch. (Shelby thank you's too.) It was ssssooooo good. I haven't had a burrito like that for a long long time. You've settled my craving. :-)

Wednesday, April 23, 2003


My Uncle just called me to see if we could meet him for lunch tomorrow. He has something for me. The reason is...........

Vaness from F4 (Kelly & DB: the Irvine Guy) went to my Aunt's restaurant yesterday! Before he was big, he went to her restaurant a lot, but now he's BBBBAAACCCKKKK!! In the US!!! And you know what else? My aunt got me his AUTOGRAPH!! And she took a PICTURe with HIM. She TOUCHED him.


Stupid ass Shelby. He called them the Fruity Four. Jackass. but continuing on....

hee. yay.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Spring Break always is waaay waaaay toooo short. It's gone like *that*! A brief summary on my spring break: HW and WORK. And I'm a WILD THING, I make your heart <3 was a good break, got some rest, caught up on my Chinese soap operas. That was the best part, I think.


We went to Stuart's mom's house for Easter. His Uncle Paul found the $50 Golden Egg. Damn. I am no good. I'm also NO frickin' good at Golf either. I think I would have done a lot better if my golf club wasn't crooked on the bottom. Stuart says its suppose to be that way, but how can anyone hit that small little golfball straight with a crooked club. Beats me. I swung and missed several times, until jackpot! I hit it, but only for the tiny golfball to bounce a foot away from it's original location. Took me 22 swings before I finished the course. Shelby got 13. Gordan did a really good job. He grew out the grass and cut only the parts of the course, so that you can actually see a little path of cut grass. Awesome, I say.

It was hard waking up Monday, but I did it. This morning was hard too. Oh and that girl! I drove into the parking structure this morning as usual. Cars were filled up in order, so there weren't empty slots here and there. You would take the next available spot. I parked and was taking a while gathering my backpack and jacket, putting my water bottle away, when this black Honda Accord parks next to me. I didn't notice it at first till I saw the Girl walking from her car. She stood there looking between my beautifully parked car and Hers. She hesitated a bit and ran off, literally. I was thinking "What the hell is she looking at?" Ah ha.

When I tried to open my door to get it, I hit her car. The door was only open about 6 inches. No matter how much I suck it in, I AIN'T SIX INCHES SKINNY. Her right side mirror was in the way of my door. She was that frickin' close. She hesitated before, debating whether or not she should LET ME OUT! I had to climb in the passenger seat to get out. I walked over to see how close she was parked. SHE WAS OVER THE WHITE LINE! They're there for a reason. Bastard. I think she was late for something, but still dude! The guy who took my parking spot after me couldn't get out either, so he left to seek another.

Okay. I feel better. I really should get back to studying. I skipped Chinese today for a reason. To do some PREPARATIONS. Well, so far, I watched 2 episodes of I Love Lucy. :-) Really getting back.

Saturday, April 19, 2003

I had a bad dream last night.
Going back to work. :-)

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

SmarterChild: Aww... Now why would you go and insult a poor helpless computer?
starmienite: stupid stupid stupid computer
SmarterChild: Interesting.

- How stoooopid.

Monday, April 14, 2003

breast implants!

what's YOUR deepest secret?
brought to you by Quizilla

I'm Ho Ho Hollie, so I suppose it goes well? :-)
Currently Playing on Winamp: At Last - Celine Dion

Hope can be a blessing, but at the same time, it can be an evil inside Pandora's jar. It can really screw someone up. Bah humbug. :-)
I LOVE RAIN! Rain, you smell good, OH, you smell so GOOD! oh! or unh!
It feels incredibly nice sleeping with the rain outside and you're warm, snug and comfy under the covers. Mikko: it's suppose to be raining all week...Good news!

Today is officially the first day of spring break for me. It's gonna be relaxing. I hope. Got hw to work on, school to work on, work to work on, and most importantly, ME to work on.

Taken from Kelly-Bean:
I know I'm a complainer, but that's only natural. We only seem to acknowledge the things that go wrong, and take the things that go right for granted. It's human nature, but I think we would be a lot happier if we took some time out to focus on the good that's in our lives.

Kelly: I'm working on it. It's hard a lot of the times. There was this one time I was able to convince myself that everything was good. LiFe was good. I held onto that belief for about a week. For some reason, I just couldn't hold onto that for very long. Grass is always greener on the other side. I'm gonna keep at it. See what happens.

Kelly, you rock.

Friday, April 11, 2003

I haven't updated anything for a whole week almost. This week has been pretty good. Accomplishment of the Week: I actually stayed up for more than half of the Physics lecture on both Tuesday AND Thursday! High-five! I'm slowing improving.

Prof. Posada canceled Philosophy class on Wednesday morning. Another plus. I went to work for a meeting. HIPAA regulations have changed so employees must be informed in case we get audited again. Just the GCC people stayed behind and chatted a while. It was 3 by the time we got back, so I decided to stay and work. I need $$$. My ma went to square-dancing class with DB's mom today. I love square-dancing. Apparently, so did my mom. She made me dance with her in our living room. I miss Macy PE. That square-dancing section at least. I remember Jenny Chea was in my group, the best group! Mrs....uh...the only PE woman teacher...Briley? She made our group perform in front of the whole square-dancing unit. All was fun besides that one part. :)

Yesterday was good too. I stayed awake for physics. Professor Li didn't show up for Chinese class, so we left early. Whoo hoo! Came home, took DB to see Paigey. Came home again and picked up Daddy and Shelby to meet mom and Uncle Cheuck for lunch at FunLand. Rented the first 4 episodes to another Chinese TVB series. It's about this king, back in the time of the dynasties, who gets sucked in this tornado thing and travels to the future. It's a "hahaha" series. DB came over and watched some with us. Traveled down to ELAC for my Child Development class, Creative Experiences. Brought back a truckload of hw. Thank goodness for DB. She came over and helped me trace, color, cut. Thank you, DB!!! (If it weren't for you, I would have colored the cat white, instead of purple. Whew! ;)

That brings us to today, Friday. Shelby is out with my Aunt doing their Aunty-Nephew day. They're watching Anger Management. Spring break for me is next week, so we're having our Aunty-Niece day then. :)

Tasks for the Day:
(not in order of importance)
1. Rent "Oou Mun Gai" with Charmaine Sheh. Something I've watched before, but fun to watch again. Something to do as I'm cutting and pasting and coloring.
2. Read Physics, Ch. 9&10 --> Answer online questions for both chapters.
3. E-mail Professor Pickett.
4. Do Moon Experiment.
5. Do Ball Experiment.
6. Finish Lab Report.
7. Finish Chinese hw for tomorrow.

okay...I'm ready to tackle the tasks. Bring it on...oh yea.

Monday, April 07, 2003

My very intelligent and private conversation with a dear friend of mine:

starmienite: so how are you?
SmarterChild: Very interesting...
SmarterChild: Fine thx, you?
starmienite: not very good
SmarterChild: Not very good? I'm sorry... :-\
starmienite: it's not your fault
SmarterChild: Really?
starmienite: i'm going to the moon today
SmarterChild: Would you like me to add the event "Going to the moon on April 7th, 2003" to your planner?
starmienite: no it's okay
SmarterChild: How okay is it?
starmienite: i already have it marked
SmarterChild: Tell me more.
starmienite: uh...what are you doing?
SmarterChild: Not a lot. You?
starmienite: not much either
SmarterChild: Not much either? What's it like to be doing that?
starmienite: what do you mean?

Very very intelligent.
Onto Sunday.

Woke up so frickin' tired! Damn Daylight Savings times. Always screws me up, but only when we Spring Forward. I absolutely no problem with Falling Backwards. :-) Today was Paige's birthday at Under the Sea! and also, Debby's birthday. Me and Shelby were there to help out Aunty and Stuart with whatever we could. We were to be be at their house at 9 AM.

I woke up, but fell back asleep and didn't actually get up till 8:15. Then MA tells me that she needs a ride to church. Frick. Remembered it was Debby's birthday while washing mi pelo. Aunty calls and asks me if I could bring my gel pens and, how do is it spelled? At first, I thought she said THONGS. I was thinking "Yes, we're related, but not that related." Those clamper thingys. I was getting a little frustrated. Okay, not a litte, a LOT! I hate being late for Paige's party things cause then my Aunty has a cow over cause she's stressing. So I calmed my ass down. How? Ha...ancient chinese secret. I thought about the Friends' blooper episode where Ross, Rachel, and Chandler were trying to get this sofa up the stairs and Ross was screaming, "Pivot! Pi-VAT!" I cracked up and all was well.

First order of business.....Shelby and I made signs.

taken from TriPdeEuCkiE
Sunday, April 06, 2003

so today is my birthday. yay. it started off pretty well actually. my mom woke me up at like 9 to tell me my cuzins left something that's cute outside for me so i dragged my ass outta bed to go check it out. turns out they left little signs for me to follow which were awesome.

And she thought we forgot. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEBBY!

Ran our asses to church. I realized that when you're late, you always come across SLOW drivers. Me and Shelby got our asses there in one piece.

Shelby's task: Load food in car.
My task: Get Paige ready, which includes, taking her to go shee-shee. changing diaper. brushing teeth. putting on clothes. took me 45 min. that lil girl is strong!

We drove all the Burbank. We went here. There were ball things, jumping things, big humungoid balls, mazes, etc. etc, etc. First thing Stuart and Shelby did was jump into the jumping castle thing. I tried it out myself. It's fun!

And that's my Sunday!
Kirsten told me a Brain Teaser:

"What are two things that panda bears want most?"

Answers will be revealed in good time.
Saturday: pretty normal, I should say.

Work in the morning. Karrie came by and visited. It was weird. You know how some people have this certain smell, it's not a bad smell like Shelby's, but a certain smell. Well, Karrie came bursting in and gave me a hug. I smelled that same familiar smell. It was comforting, you know what I mean? Karrie was like my big sis. She taught me SO much and I felt safe from the Big Angry Momma. So it was very good to see her. Helen, Rachel, and Kirsten finally got to meet the infamous Karrie that everyone talks about. :)

Chinese school at the Mrs.Shao's casa. We played Chinese dodgeball, or more like, Chinese Dodge Sandbag. I got to throw sandbags at my teacher! ;-) Heh heh. She was an easier target than Shelby, Mr. Basketball with skinny-ass ankles, who kept making me miss. Butthead.

Parents partied at church. Didn't come home till late. Love having the whole house, quiet.

Saturday, April 05, 2003

My favorite part...

And I want to wake up with the rain
Falling on a tin roof
While I'm safe there in your arms
So all I ask is for you
To come away with me in the night
Come away with me
midori: we have to go we have to go!
midori: italian food and the beach
midori: sounds like a date ;D

We go! Ole! Or..what's the Italian equivalent of that?
So yesterday was a rather tiring day. Woke up early to go with my impregnated Aunt to Ramona Elementary to help her with the climbing up and climbing down, moving this, lifting this. And also, to be there if anything happens, it being everyone's out for Spring Break. At least if the baby reports early and says "I'm here for duty." at least I'll be there to catch It. Aunty took me out to lunch at Baker's Square. We had a nice waiter. After lunch, home to change and then straight to work.

I love working with them. They're so much fun. We went out afterwards for dinner to this really really cool Italiano restaurant. We went to C&O Trattoria. We drove all the way down to Marin del Rey. We would have gotten there sooner if we didn't go the wrong direction. We were suppose to go South and we went North, past UCLA.

But arrived there in one piece though. You could smell the ocean. So nice. So windy. So cold. So many people. An hour wait. Thank goodness for heatlamps! We sat there and the restaurant past around plates of their warm "killer Garlic Rolls". Kelly: I'm telling you would love them! An hour later, they called me "Molly, your table is ready." Yes, Molly. It was too noisy for her to hear my name when I signed in for a table. Our waiter's name was Jamie. Rachel thought he was cute. He has blonde red curly hair, nice smile, fun personality, good sense of humor, lotsa energy and he's...on sale for 5 easy payments of $11.99!!

The atmosphere there is HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! They play actual Italian music. Every hour and a half, the waiters pass out the lyrics to.......THAT'S AMORE!

When the moon hits you eye like a big pizza pie
That's amore
When the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine
That's amore
Bells will ring ting-a-ling-a-ling, ting-a-ling-a-ling
And you'll sing "Vita bella"
Hearts will play tippy-tippy-tay, tippy-tippy-tay
Like a gay tarantella

When the stars make you drool just like a pasta fagiole
That's amore
When you dance down the street with a cloud at your feet
You're in love
When you walk down in a dream but you know you're not
Dreaming signore
Scuzza me, but you see, back in old Napoli
That's amore

When the moon hits you eye like a big pizza pie
That's amore
When the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine
That's amore
Bells will ring ting-a-ling-a-ling, ting-a-ling-a-ling
And you'll sing "Vita bella"
Hearts will play tippy-tippy-tay, tippy-tippy-tay
Like a gay tarantella

When the stars make you drool just like a pasta fagiole
That's amore
When you dance down the street with a cloud at your feet
You're in love
When you walk down in a dream but you know you're not
Dreaming signore
Scuzza me, but you see, back in old Napoli
That's amore
Lucky fella

When the stars make you drool just like a pasta fagiole
That's amore
When you dance down the street with a cloud at your feet
You're in love
When you walk down in a dream but you know you're not
Dreaming signore
Scuzza me, but you see, back in old Napoli
That's amore, (amore)
That's amore

The whole restaurant, managers, waiters, busboys, receptionists, customers, everyone! comes out with wine glasses and starts to sing this song together and everyone goes around toasting everyone with smiles and wine. That restaurant has so much energy. It's far, but worth the fun experience!

Rachel needs the computer now. I gtg. :)

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Took my mode of transportation to get a bath for $8.99. Muy expensivo! But it's squeaky clean.

My philosophy teacher was late for class today and we were having a test. :-) We jetted on outta once the clock hit 7:50. 20 minutes is more than the school's policy. Yay! More time to study. Not that I would use that extra time anyway. I'll just look at my rather dull black-and-white flashcards a few more times before the test on Monday. I must do at least half of my term paper today. Friday, my day to finish everything before a hectic weekend. But something came up. Actually, THINGS came up. Gotta help my Aunty again putting up and pulling things down for her classroom in the morning. Then, head on over to work, put mask on, and earn some much needed dinero. Paige's b-day party at Gymboree is this Sunday and Shelby and I will be there ALL day helping. I have to get some work done today. I lost this morning because of procrastination. Damn. I always do that. Procrastination, stop taking my time!

Helen called me yesterday and told me that everyone at GCC has to wear a mask. SARS. Yikes!
The majority of Dr.Lam's patients are Chinese. Many of who went back to HK this past January/February for Chinese New Year. We're taking precautions. Rachel's so freaked that she's wearing TWO. One over the other. Lol. Funny girl.

Before Procrastination takes any more of my precious time, I am posting and publishing this entry.
Y' all have a good day now.
-Drew Barrymore in HoME FrIEs

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Let's see...Friday! I was held hostage in Ape's chair and 2 booties were shaking in my face. I screamed "HELP!" but everyone was away on spring break, so no one came to save me. Haha. Kelly, you are green and do not taste good. You burned my mouth and my insides. You suck like donkey balls. ;-)

Sunday. Studied with Sara at the library, but I couldn't keep my mouth shut, so we didn't study much. Oh well. It was nice.

Debby asks, "Where you guys going?"
Sara's answer, "To the library to study."
Debby replies, "Lame! You nerds."

Are not. Nerds are smart. Sara's a nerd and I'm a dork. Nerd and Dorks will rule the world someday. Watch out who you mess with. Muhahaha. :-)

Monday. Ra left today. I sent you a text message. Did you get it? It wasn't working correctly. Hope you got it.