Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Helen says she is fat. That is why I think I am fat too. Because I am bigger than she is. She says she is fat and has no boobies. Damn her.

And work is boring.

* * *
DB's profile on AIM:

Friend: bring it on
Friend: bitch
Friend: i practice badminton at almansor park
Friend: HA

hahahahhah, when fobs turn into 'jocks' ;D

^ That comment cracks me up. Heehee.

Monday, July 18, 2005

I have THE bestest cousin EVER.
DB, I owe you mucho.

Thanks LoVe for the ride.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

(reminds me of Kelly...not that she's a butthole, but the picture reminds me of her.)

There is a nicer way of saying something. You don't have be a dick about it.
Why do I look so surprised? Cause the frickin' plate says "Staff" and I am staff. It does not say "CHURCH staff." If it said that, I wouldn't have parked there.
If he had just told me nicely that the plates designate parking spots for CHURCH staff, I would be more than happy to oblige. No problem. Being sarcastic and what you call a dick is what pissed me off.

You know how in the movies, they show like a person pushing someone over the bridge and then they snap back into reality. The person is still alive. Well, in the my head, I ran the security guard over with my car.

That was nice. Very nice.

He's told me not to park there, where there was a sign that said "Staff". Kirsten parked further down where there is no sign at all. He told her she can't park there either. Kirsten moves her car and Helen ends up parking in the exact same spot. As of now, he hasn't said anything to her. Hmmm...

We are being punished by wearing our loose-fitting uniforms. Helen of Troy, in her form-fitting clothes, gets to park whereeeeeeever she wants. Yes, Honeydew, you are a slut. =D The security guard thinks you are hot. (I should tell Robbie this, so he can beat him up for me. Why yess...that is a good plan. >:) Stop reading this as I type. Hurry up and make brownies, so we can go to the bank.


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Things have been settled, which I am extremely happy of. It's like this huge rock has been lifted from my shoulders. =D

Something else to Uncle lent me his stick-shift car to drive around, since he's not using it. I drove all the way to work and back without stalling. Woot Woot. Yes. And that has been my life so far.

Maybe I can write about the weekend...
Charity's graduation part out in Claremont. We played badminton (THE coolest sport ever) and volleyball. I rode on the kids' swing. Did not break it. Woot Woot. Something else to add to the celebration list. Border's Montebello is just Walden's, but red. Ichiban was fun though.

Okay. Time to go out into the heat and pick up Shelby. Damn.
The L0S3R says it's pretty cool out in Irvine. Damn.

I'm outtie, like a bellybutton.

Friday, July 08, 2005

This is why I hate confrontations or discussions or whatever the hell you call it.
The aftermath more or likely sucks.

Pretending it never happened does NOT help the situation.
I am too frustrated.


Thursday, July 07, 2005

himesama (11:10:14 AM): ho's before bro's!
himesama (11:10:19 AM): in your case
starmienite (11:10:19 AM): me!!!
himesama9 (11:10:20 AM): literally

Sara rocks rolls and rules.
b ^_^ b

Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Birthday, America.

I hate fireworks that make loud BOOMS.
But my neighbors love it. And they have like a billion of them.

More about my weekend later.