Friday, March 28, 2003

I was brushing my teeth just now and figured out why at least for me, how I was able to let it all hang out at the party. It was with a whole different group of people other than KRSH. It was extremely puzzling for me. This is what I think.

Because Pearl wasn't there.

I don't even know where to begin on how much fun I had yesterday.

Well, yesterday was like any other day. School. It was so WARM yesterday. Warm enough for Ra to go outside and tan. Honestly, I hate hot weather. I get hot, sticky, & smelly. So the part where I had to walk 3 blocks at 3 in the afternoon to get to class at ELAC was definately not the highlight of my day. My poor table. They had to smell me. I went home and took a long cold shower. Ahhh...I almost fell asleep in there. :) I was ready. Thursday night was the night of Katerine's daugher's first birthday.
I was suppose to drive over to GCC and pick Helen, Kirsten and Rachel up so we can all hop on over to her house.

So, looking down at the clock in the restroom. I have to leave at 630. It was only 625. I just have to dry my hair. I still have time. By the time I finished, it was 635. Hurry or I'm gonna be late! I skip to my room to grab a jacket and glanced at the clock on my desk. 6:45! The hell! I check the other 2 clocks in my room and all read 645! The clock in the bathroom is running out of batteries. 10 minutes slow! I'M LATE!! Kirsten calls me and asks me, "Where are you?" They all screamed, "What?!?!" when I answered I was at home. (KIrsten's parents just came home from Hong Kong, so she wanted to see them, so we were sort of on a scheduele). So I hurried my ass on outta there and drove wildly (literally) over to GCC. I arrived in 10 minutes. The fun starts here.

"Hi Dr. Tam! Bye Dr. Tam!" in parking to the door...punch in code to unlock up stairs...Kirsten and Rachel running down and shooing me, Helen still screaming "The lights! The lights!" Laugh here ...I run back downstairs...Kirsten almost rolled down the stairs Laugh here cause she couldn't see with the lights off...I run to turn on lights, Kirsten punches Helen out (hahaha...CLOCKED Helen out...hahaha), Rachel opens door...and all 4 of us run! I open the doors to my car, Kirsten runs into my car, Helen brings files to Pearl's office, and Rachel's still trying to run and drink her coffee at the same time. Ends up chocking. Laugh here

Don't ask me why we were rushing like that. We weren't late. It was fun though. Like those relay races! We got there in one piece.
Katherine's house was bustling with people. We did a little wine-tasting and from there, EVERYTHING was funny. (We only had a sip and I diluted mine with 7-Up! We were so frickin' LOUD. I think cause we always had to contain ourselves because we are in a doctor's office. How much noise can we make there? So last night, we just let it all hang out! *Think Larson here*) There was never a dull moment. I never stopped smiling. Until, they all found out that I was scared of loud noises. They started popping those things with the string at the end and confetti stuff and a very very LOUD noise, I might add, comes out. They all came after me with that. They Laugh here That was scary. Me no likey. :) We roasted marshmellows. Rachel didn't want to do it, so I told her "But it's an American tradition!" (She came here about 5 months ago from Thailand.) She kept asking if her marshmello was cooked yet or if it was still raw. Laugh here. There was also a pinata! Sara, it was a Disney Princesses pinanta! Rachel didn't want to play either, so I told her "But it's an American tradition!" They Laugh here AT me, this time. Honest mistake once again. I missed the pinata and hit the pole. I tell you, I'm no good at sports.

Whew, the last time I was so *HIGH* was when KRSH was at Sara's apartment and we took those pooping pictures with Ra's brown sweater.
When we were driving back to GCC, we sort of settled down, and we were not *HIGH* anymore, we were at a *LOW*. But I slept so well last night. *good job*

Now, tonights another night of fun! *Whoa* Another *HIGH* tonight. I'm going to OD on life.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

I'm in I'm in! =D

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

KRS(h) Please check your e-mails.

I went to work today, which means....PARTY on Friday all the way to Saturday! :) For once, I get to have a life on those two days! Cheers all around! I am so frickin' excited!!
That's the good news.

Bad News of the Day:
As I was on Garfield, waiting to make a left into the street by the florist, I saw a very old Chinese man fall off the curb and into the street. Thank goodness there was no car going by or else it would have hit him. Half of his head was covered in blood. I made my left and searched for a place to stop my car, so I just blocked someone's driveway. By that time, a girl found them and pointed them into the direction of the hospital, about a block down the street. I got out wanting to ask them if they needed a ride to the hospital. They walk fast for old people, cause they were already halfway down the block *by the time I reached the corner and I wasn't that far away either. It made me feel a little better that he was able to walk. I drove into the alley that leads to GCC, where I work, and I saw the old couple reaching the hospital. *whew*

I'm still a little shooken up from it. I know I don't know that old man, but he reminded me of my Grandpa and the old woman reminded of my Grandma. It felt like it was happening to them, so I freaked.
Something else that bothered me was that a car was waiting to turn right and the old man fell right IN FRONT of that red van. You know what the stupid Chinese lady in the red van did? Nothing! She waited till the little old lady slowly helped him get up and out of her way, so then, she went on ahead and made her right turn. What the hell was that!

*I'm also a little mad at myself cause I didn't exactly leap out of my car. I just sat there, thinking "I have to help him. I have to help him." By the time I actually got my ass out of my car, it was too late. Boo on my part. I'm just as bad as that Chinese lady in the red van.

And that was my scary incident of the day. :|

Monday, March 24, 2003

Everyone's back and bloggin'. Good to read! :)

Saturday was like any other Saturday. Work, Chinese school, Aunty's house for Paigey's b-day. She LOVED the mini karaoke boombox that Sara chose for her. "Thank koo, Un-tee Sah Rah." Paigey says. I "sang" while she gibberished along. She's sweet as a Sourcream Blueberry Pie from Marie Callenders! Then that would make her sour. So Paigey is as sweet as sugar! There. After we put her too bed, (45 minutes of chasing after her to put on her diaper, brush her teeth, and what not. Too much sugar from the many days of birthday cakes!!... Stuart's Mom (3/18) Stuart (3/19) Aunty (3/21) Paige (3/22) My Aunty is officially tried of cakes in general, be it a mango cake or a ice-cream cake, she won't eat it. ) My Aunty and I settled down and watched Sweet Home Alabama , while Shelby and Stuart played this rather violet game of Halo, where you go in with the goal of killing each other. We stayed till 12.... AM!! Yes I know. 12 AM. My parents didn't come home from partyin' till 1 AM in the frickin' morning.

Sunday, went out with Ra to Old Town. Don't know what we did, but we had fun. Came home early to go to Cafe Spot for dinner where Shelby treated us. :) We ran some errands afterwards. I wasn't feeling too well after dinner cause I was sititng right beneath the AC vent, so all this cold air was blowing on my head. Maybe I should have moved.

Today, Monday...ELAC Philosophy --> drove to CSULB --> Language Lab for 45 mintues --> Lunch for 15 minutes --> Physics Lab for 3 very long hours --> Back to Language Lab for another 30 minutes --> Home. I was going to stop by Jack in the Box for some potato wedges, but I think I was thinking F4 and didn't even realized I had past it till I got home.

And right now, I am doing what I do best. Procrastinating. I should really read Chapter 5.2 on Ethical Egoism. What the hell is that. I think I should know. Let me see...

Friday, March 21, 2003

I'm going....I'm! Get it? Choke? An original joke by yours truly. :) It matched what was happening at that moment. Well, Ra and Sara laughed. With me, that is.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

I am never waking up late again. I woke up at 9 this morning cause my Philosophy class was canceled, and now, I feel all groggy. I ended up taking a 15 minute nap. What the heck, huh? Never sleeping in again.

Today, so far, has been pretty relaxing. I finished up my Art Notebook for my "Creative Experiences for Children." Thank goodness I checked cause I had some missing projects. Finger painting, for one! Ugh, that was gross. My fingers got all stained. After that, I did some Physics homework. I figure out this really awesome way of doing my homework on the computer. I arranged so that my Microsoft Word window took up half my screen, and occupying the other half, was the window for my VCD player. Can you guess what I was watching? METEOR GARDEN! I don't even have to turn my head. My P-Vision comes in handy. Am I smart or what? Lol. But sometimes it gets too distracting, so I have to turn it off. :P

Caught Sara online and we chatted for a little while. She disappeared on me for the past couple of days. She's going out with Damon today, to the musuem and other fun things. :)
Ra called while he was on the bus on the way to the airport. Told me he was going to Burbank. "Why are you going to Burbank? We live in Montebello." Apparently, they have an airport in Burbank. I did not know that. *wrinkle of the brain* RS(H) is going out for coffee and a quick run to a fast food place tonight. Probably Jack in the Box.
And that is my day so far. Thank you for reading. You have yourself a nice day too.
DB gave this to me. It's nice. :-)

Sometimes i cry
but i can't tell you why
why i feel what i feel inside
when i say inside, i mean deep inside
that's something i can't explain
it's over me
how i try to express
what's been troublin' my mind
but still i can't find the words
but i know that something's got a hold of me.

I think she got it from Chicken Soup for the Soul. Ha.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

KRSH together once again! REJOICE!

Hey, KRS, we should have some fun this weekend.

Monday, March 17, 2003

Playing on WinAmP: Qiu Jiu Zhuan Xian - Vic Zhou
and it's a happy song, so I'm happy. :P

Hotline For Help

Sorry, it's me, it seems that I just forgot to say
I really want to see you, but we just separated
Don't mind me, even I can't stand myself
Suddenly I am turning meek and submissive

I worry, I wonder, I am growing less like myself
Just because of you, my thoughts of you are like air to me

Helpline, pardon me, I have a hundred questions
How do I stop this?
Concrete roads like meadows to me, but it's ok, nobody's teasing me
O and, how do I regain my cool?

Excuse me, it's me again, I unexpectedly saw a rerun
Of that movie, the one you always miss
Don't blame me for not letting others get through to you
Because I need to know that you are mine and mine only

I worry, I wonder, I am turning into someone else
Just because of you, taking your words to be Scriptures

Helpline I love you, one LAST little question,
How do I keep all this sweetness
Concrete roads are meadows, when I stand with you
Oh and...

Okay, that song was playing on Winamp. Now it's another song. Lol. Chinese rap. Ha. I'll put it up next time. Debby laughs at Irvine Guy's (Vaness) rapping.
Oops, forgot to....

Thank SARA and KELLY for the all laughs I had. Who knew we could have so much fun laughing at the Monkey who Loved It's Boots, screaming at the giant M&M with a hole in the middle, and being smacked in the butt with an oversized Crayola crayon and flowered wrapping paper.

I really mean, thank you. I love you, Kelly. (BTW, thanks for cutting my split ends. My head of hair thank you's too). I love you, Ra. (Even though you weren't there physically, your essence was!) I love you, Sara. (You just rock.:)

I love my friends (Apes and Steph ) !

My mood: LOVING
Goal: No more getting into depressing songs. They get you depressed.
Sunday. I have not had fun like that for a long time. (K)(S)H might be better at explaining all the fun events. I'll give the Cliff Notes version. KSH went out to dim sum at New Capital Seafood Restaurant. We ordered A LOT of food and only took home 2 small half empty boxes of leftovers. Sara was pretty good at ordering, so we had a nice variety of all different kinds of food:

1. Shrimp Dumplings
2. Sui mai
3. BBQ Pork Buns
4. Chinese tamales
5. MANGO PUDDING --> Kelly found herself the STAR of her new adult film....*trumpets sound*

Directed by: Midori
*She might be putting a short clip of the mango action on her website. K: Let me know when you do. Hahahahahahaha, ha. It makes me laugh.
If (R) was there, I wonder what other "movies" you guys can come up with using our leftovers. Why does Santa Cruz have to be so far away? I hope we can all do our Mini Road Trip! :P

Watch out world, KRSH will be united once more.

So we took Sara home, drove back to mi casa to get Kelly's car. Chatted a while before we got out of the car. I found a hair that had at least 7 split ends! I had a test the next day and I stayed out longer than I intended, so I walked her to her Civiv. The wind was blowing hard, so Kelly's Pocahontas fluttered in the wind. Before she left, she booty-called me with her horn. :-) ..... Yay!

Sunday, March 16, 2003

Currently playing on WinAmP: Shui Ran Ni Liu Lei - Vaness Wu
and it's making me sad. :(

Tell me baby...

Rainy day, feeling a little blue
Your face showed you are a little tired
Would like to ask you who you are thinking of right now
Would like to ask you who you are waiting for all night

The two of us in an empty room
Yet I can't grasp what you are feeling
Actually all these days, we have both been changing
Searching for our own perfect worlds

Tell me baby who's making you cry
Tell me baby why these sleepless nights
I'm willing to give you all of me
Please, wouldn't you look at me
Tell me baby who's making you cry
Don't let my heart break all alone
If only you'll try to understand
Baby won't you come and ease my pain

Ease my pain...

Debby says I listen to depressing music. I wonder why depressing music attracts me so.

I will write more tomorrow about the fabulous outing I had with 2 of my favorite humans. Maybe that'll cheer me up. :)

Thursday, March 13, 2003

KELLY: You thought that I'd never get it, huh? Well...look at this. One of my UnderCover spies from my posse of people managed to steal a.......SCANGUN!!! Muahahah!!! You think I'm actually that slloooowww? It's just a mask to cover up my actual quick cleverness. Now I have you SCANGUN in my HANDS! Heh heh heh.

*kyko4-ever: weirdo
kyko4-ever: *passing handgun* <-- My UnderCover spy tried to kill me.
starmienite: thank you *Monkey
kyko4-ever: sure!
kyko4-ever: u can even keep it
starmienite: you past me a hand gun!
starmienite: i'll just hand this back to you
starmienite: while you hand me the scangun?
kyko4-ever: i meant scan gun
kyko4-ever: here *scan gun*
kyko4-ever: *BANG BANG BANG*
kyko4-ever: i meant to be shoting me <-- Honest mistake everyone! Just an honest mistake. She wasn't trying to assasinate me and take over my posse.
kyko4-ever: shooting
kyko4-ever: lol but u took my bullet for me
kyko4-ever: aww aren't u a sweetie <--Just the kind of leader I am...leader of the HoHo Posse!

*Name has been changed for the safety of my spy.
I deleted all the Bitching I did on my Ah Pau (Ma's mom). She doesn't speak English and she doesn't even know how to turn on a computer, so I know she'll never see what I really thought. Nonetheless, I still feel bad about it, putting it up on the world wide web. It's more of a personal journal entry. I think Apes is probably the only one who read it.

More laters...

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

I knew I was forgetting something....


My poor babies are sleepy...

Vaness & Vic

Being as big as they are right now, you'd think they fly First Class?
Well, just goes to show they're normal...Coach is all I've seen. Unless you count passing BY First class, on my way down to COACH.
So today, has been a normal day. I realized that my philosophy teacher is named after my favorite burritos. Posada burritos. *yum* I also noticed another thing. His knees squeak when he walks. Something about that noise, the noise that people make when they are cracking their knuckles, it just makes me *cringe*. I feel like gagging when I hear his cracking lectures "And what is the definition *crack crack* of a human? Is it *crack* merely looking like one or is it *crack crack crack*" Ugh!

When Professor Posada was finish cracking, I was able to hurry home and gawk at my F4 in their F4 Fantasy Live Concert World Tour VCD. I like them. When they sang in Cantonese, they were cute as heck. You can hear their Mandarin accents, espiecially Zai Zai (a.k.a. My Love, Vic ;) . It's actually "yut" in Cantonese as in the number 1, but with his Mandarin accent, it came out as "yup". That cute bastard. What else can I do, but *sigh* and make MOON eyes at him. Same goes to Vaness. He's named after the street he live(d?) Waverly in Joy Luck Club. I screamed like a manaic when he sang "Can't Help Falling in Love with You"! My poor papa. He was home with me.

Sara: You have not seen obsessed yet! As Vaness was running down the ramp, some fans grabbed him and he fell backwards from their pull. They wouldn't let go of his shirt! It looked like it was gonna rip off any second. 2 security guards and a dancer nearby, all 3 had to yank SEVERAL times before they freed him from their grasps. See...that's being obsessed. I don't have the urge to rip off his clothes. So I'm still good. :-) Not that obsessed yet.

Poor Ken, as all 4 of them ran out together to each corner of th stadium to take a final bow to the audience, they all returned to the center stage, and he was the only one who's arms weren't holding a HUGE ASS bouquet of flowers from the fans. Don't worry Ken, here's a flower for you. @-`-,----....

All this madness has to come to some sort of end. As the white silk curtains slowly descended signifying the end the of the concert, I felt really sad. No more F4. They broke up with me by breaking up with each other. Well, more like Jerry breaking it up with the Vic, Vaness, and Ken or vice versa. :-( They brought me comfort during a low point in my life. And now they're gone. double :-(

You guys think I'm crazy, don't you? You guys can't see how these 4 people, whom I've never met or even talked to, can have an impact in my life. Let me explain. They were able to distract me from what was making me sad. They gave me something to look forward to. Something to keep my mind off everything else. They comforted me like perhaps, a favorite blankey would. Okay, I'm making myself sound more psycho than I actually am. I'm sane! I really am! LoL. Okay enough of this. I wish I knew another F4 fan. If I did, you guys wouldn't have to listen to me ramble on and on about them! :-)

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

F4 Fantasy live Concert World Tour VCD gives you WINGS! Weeeeeeee.....!! It came it came!! *squeal*
I think my heart is beating double-time. I think I'm gonna have a heart attack....have a heart attack and die and didn't even get to unwrap the clear plastic yet. That would suck. I better calm down.

I LOVE <3 !!!!!!!
To the Girl who shared her Secret Garden with Me:
I am not a good talker. I don't know how to make you feel better. And I admit I don't entirely understand what you are feeling. I am sorry I have nothing else to offer you, but my manly shoulders and the orange stuff we ate last Friday. I will learn how to make it for you so that you will have a lifetime supply. If I can't make your heart feel better, at least your stomach will. I am glad that you have KL, him and Him to understand.

In God I have put my trust; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?
Psalm 56:11

You will be okay.

I am right here.

Monday, March 10, 2003

My cousin is Azn and this is his profile:
AzNfOo822: hey addikted2ballz
a ddikted2ballz:hey aznpoo822

My cousin has odd friends. I'll blend right in. :)

m 1 d ORI: hollorific one <--Like I said, Kelly's always right! Everyone listen to her!
I went to the dentist today. For cleaning. It's the one on Atlantic, next to McDonalds. First, waited an hour (I had an appointment too!) in a waiting room full of pictures of dead, hanging fishes. A Dentist posing like *hot stuff* next to the dead hanging fish. Overheard the receptionist telling a little girl to brush her teeth. She was 9 and has a Root Canal. "I don't like brushing my teeth," she says.

"Hollie?" says the nurse. I walked through the doors and into a little cubicle for my X-Rays. I sat down and all these TEETH were staring at me. TEETH of all kinds. TEETH with gingivitis and other horrendous diseases. I was lucky enough to have actual colored photographs of TEETH to look at. I got to see the black and green around these TEETH. (Thought: Cross "Dentist" off list of possible occupations)
Waited for another 20 minutes, until the X-Ray Technician past by and said, "Oh shoot. I forgot about you." Gee thanks. ;) Radiation rays were shot at my face, then taken to a room and the Dentist that stood next to the dead hanging fish walked in. She pokes around my mouth. "No cavities. Good check-up already. Now, let's take a look at your X-rays." The nurse hands her my PooP-colored file and starts staring at my X-Ray. The Dentist that stood next to the dead hanging fish says, "Those are not her teeth. That's someone else's X-Rays. Her two front teeth are still intact." I shiver immensely right about here after hearing that. Thank goodness I wasn't having anything amputated that day. Then she cleans my gums and teeth as if they were all TEETH. I bled.

I miss Dr.Yoko on Garfield Ave. She didn't make me bleed. I had a TEETH day today and I had it at the dentist. So what did you guys do? *check your blogs*

Sunday, March 09, 2003

If the "COmMenTs" work, then I am a genius. Let's see if I am.
"I drove home slightly distracted, thinking of all the people I missed. For some reason, I was thinking about Leah a lot towards the end of the drive home, so imagine my surprise when my phone rang and when I looked over at it, I saw Leah's name on the display. Boy was it good to hear his voice.

So here I am, cherry soda, laptop, kind of tired but feeling somewhat better." - taken from Kelly-Bean

Times like these, you realize how hard it is to find people that can do that to you. When you have fallen downtown, just to hear their voice can bring you back uptown and into the Valley, where the hApPy people dwell. As I said in Kellogg's BlogVBack...Thank goodness for Ra!
Let's see, where should I start? Let's start with Friday. Friday, took Sara out for her much needed reward for all her hard work. We went to Phoenix Inn and got her ManGo PudDing! I got a bad mango. It tasted funny. Met up with Damon afterwards for coffee at Starbucks by Kelly-Bean's house. He flashed us with his CAR. Notice I did not call it a RICE ROCKET. :)
We accomplished many things there. We acknowledged:

1.) that Phoenix Inn is haunted. There is a ghost lady hovering around the eating customers. We are never going there again, Sara. ;)
2.) that I don't whisper properly. I allegedly whisper in the wrong direction, AWAY from people's ears.
3.) that us 3, are in fact, OSBESSORS. Sara: Hello Kitty (that's a given!) Damon: cars, of all TYPES, not just his baby Me: F4 (mine's short)
4.) that I love Vic forever and ever. This was established during my interview on what it's like to be Vic's girlfriend with Reporter Sara Rodriguez. Ra: he's going to be staring at your for a long long time...he's not going away! ;)

So, you can say we got a lot of things done. It was fun. Before we went our seperate ways on the road at 12 AM (I was still wide awake. Ok, maybe not WIDE awake, just awake then) , we got Booty-....uh...Booty-Called? Booty-Tweaked? I forget. That little siren things that goes *wehr* like a siren. "Guys use it to 'whistle' at girls." Never knew there was such a thing.

Friday, March 07, 2003

I just finished my daily rounds of checking on everyone's bloggers. I really should be doing PHysics, but it's a force of habit.

Step #1: Turn on computer. (No duh, Sherlock!)
Step #2: Sign onto AIM, see who is on.
Step #3: Check their away messages and see where everyone is at...always loads of of fun for me! (Except for someone who's away message always reads "I am away from the computer." Ok, something interesting for me to read, please!
Step #4: Check everyone's blogger ( I keep typing booger) I like knowing what you are doing.
Step #5: Check all 3 e-mails.
Step #6: And now, thank you to Mr. NakedMan, I have a new step! *trumpets sound* Go to and talk!

I realized why's it wierd for me to write here. I feel like I'm not talking to anyone in trick is, I'm pretending KRS(H) is at the dinner table at some Italian restaurant, waiting for our food to come, and I'm just gabbing away. So I type what I gab. It beats talking to the monitor. At the restaurant... (Ra just asked for more Coke, Sara is laughing and can't stop, I just stuffed a piece of bread in my mouth, and Kelly took a picture of that. *FLASH*!! You're getting good, Kel.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Dude, I am so new at this. What are you suppose to say on a blogger? I think I need more practice. Currently watching "The Truth about Cats and Dogs." You guys should really watch it. :) That guy just called Uma Thurman FAT. Bastard!

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Ra: This is what I did today...went to school today, took a test today, came home today, did homework today, talk to you guys today...taught Kelloggs the basics of how to flash someone today...and played with the moon today, oh yah, and was called quote, a WHORE and a CROCK OF SHIT, end quote. Good night to all and to all a GoodNight ............................................................................>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>............................................................................................................... you piece of URINE.

Thanks again for the BLOG. I'm *SURPRISED*. :O
this site is brought to you by the Little Naked-Man who named me a HO HO. Thanks ra.
coming soon
test test