Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Happy Birthday, Damon!! ^_^

Monday, June 21, 2004

So Saturday was the bonfire. *smiles* I don't even know where to start, besides MY ARMS AND LEGS ARE SO SORE!!

I think I'll start by thanking Someone for allowing us to find a pit. That's where all the fun begins. No fire, no burnt marshmellows, no happy memories. (Sara: Rachel thinks you really like to eat burnt things. Oh, I wonder why. :D)

I was really happy that my friends (except a few) got to meet my other friends/co-workers. All my favorite people all in one place. What more can I ask for? :D FOOTBALL! THE VAGINAS vs. THE DICKS. We (Helen, Kirsten, Rachel, and I) had more laughs talking about the football game over lunch today.

Kirsten found it scary being the quarterback and it's true! Everyone comes for you! O_O I look down at the ball, then back up, and all I see is Damon, arms waving in the air, with a face that CLEARLY said he was ready to eat me, running towards me. Behind him, more manly faces that looked like they were going to join Damon and eat me too! A flash of white, i.e. Derek, and before I knew it, I was down. Sand does not taste good. :D (I think Sara and Helen knows.) Heehee.

After our Plan Egg didn't exactly work out, we huddled for more strategies. During our huddles, the guys sent some spies, threw the football back and forth to each other, or just sat down. Ball, Rachel's boyfriend, said, "You girls huddled for like 5 minutes. We killed you in 20 seconds. And you guys get back in your huddle for another 5 minutes!"

During Derek's FAILED attempt (where's the goalpost, again? >:D) to make a touchdown, the Vaginas joined our forces to stop him. Sara grabbed his legs, Claudia an arm, I don't know what I grabbed, and Helen his shirt collar, and the other girls, wherever else they could grab a hold of. Even so, he managed to get past the "goalpost" with us on top of him and all. Damn it! :D

As for the goalpost (John's slipper), it kinda got buried underneath all that sand. We seriously have no idea how that happened. ^_^ Took us a while to find it, but we did. Yay, Kirsten! I, actually, took a quick break during the football game. Jason was flying a kite, so I went over to fly it. Right when the string was handed over to me, I hear Charity and Jason screaming, "Hollie! The powerlines!" O_O I quickly abandoned that and went back to the football game. Heeeee. I'm just talented that way.

After the football game and some more marshmellows, Rachel made her debut and Claudia has it all documented. >:)My people started to call for me. I had at least say "hi!" I convinced Kirsten to go with me to the water, along with Helen, John, Rachel, Ball, Theresa, Kenny, and Derek. (Derek: Glad you came and hung with us! We had fun!) :D My people almost stole my slipper, when a big wave came and took it. (Kenny and his swift hands saved my shoe.)

It was nice being out there. There was this moment when I was standing there ankle-deep in water, thinking of everything that just happened, and thought, "Man, this is perfect." *smiles*

Thanks Claud for taking pictures!

* * * *

Come August, Rach is gonna leave us to move back to Thailand. We're gonna take her to see Yosemite end of July as a going away outing. Originally, the plan was for just the 4 of us to go. Then, Rach wanted Ball to go too because he's not going with her to Thailand. Helen's going to bring John. Then me and Kirsten. Kirsten and I decided we were gonna be a "couple" that is, if she can make it. Today, Helen told me Theresa and Kenny were going to be joining us. Now, I like Theresa and Kenny, don't get me wrong. But if Kirsten can't make it...it will come down to 3 couples and me. O_O Again. I don't know if I could go through that experience again. Gah. What to do, what to do.

"I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through him who gives me strength."

Philippians 4:12-13

I guess we'll see. ^_^

Friday, June 18, 2004

Congratulations DB!!!
C/O 2004
(buuuuutt, C/O 2001 is still the best!! ;D)

My cousin's growing up. :*) She has some graduation pics up on her blog if you guys wanna see.

(P.S. You have 100% of my support, dear. You will ALWAYS be my cousin. No matter how much you deny it!! You're stuck with me forever!! Love ya.)

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Waiting for Amy to get off the phone, so I can ask her something.
As for now...

Good Luck, Irvine-ers!

I haven't been getting much sleep lately and am breaking out. O_o
Memories from high school. Heehee. Oh well, such is life.

My room is almost done. My body is SORE from all that cleaning. I was cleaning under my bed. (For those who haven't seen my bed, it's an Ikea bed, complete with compartments on the bottom.) I tried sliding through one of the compartments to really clean the dirty end. My shoulders too broad to fit. I managed to get myself a bit stuck. So I called Shelby and he cleaned it for me. (That's what he gets for being so skinny! Plus, I paid him a whole American dollar. :D) I know, I know. I'm such a good sis.

Am seeing Sara tonight so we can go BonFire shopping. Bonfire this Saturday. haha.
Kirsten told Rachel, who's from Thailand, that it's an American tradition for everyone to sing a song in front of the bonfire. She believed it. Helen and I went along with it. >:D We're so evil. She's actually gonna perform her Thai camp song, dance movements and all, today at lunch for us..."To see if it's okay." she says. Muhaha.

Almost time to head off to the other office for lunch with the girls again. I love them. They make me smile all the time. Life sucks sometimes, but it has it's moments. ;D

Till then. ^_^

I wanna see Evan!

Sunday, June 13, 2004

AMY's leaving for Hong Kong tonight! Oh, am so green with envy.

So yesterday was Damon's surprise birthday dinner at Bucca's. Things turned out pretty well, minus the fact that the "hostess", me, was the last to arrive besides the Birthday Boy, himself, and his pretty ladyfriend. Oopps? Heeeee. Really should work on my time management. Thank goodness for Jason, who drove like a speed demon, all the way to Pasadena in a matter of like 10 minutes to save our table that was about to be taken away.

I met a few of Damon's friend. Sandy...Boyfriend of Sandy....Nice girl in the red top....Her Boyfriend. Am horrible with names. (and my major is child development. Go figure.)
I also got to meet a cool friend of Kelly's who lived (lives?) in a bubble!! ^_^

Dinner was good. I loved the mushrooms, Sar! Kelly, you sure you don't want some? ;D We took pictures in the restroom that read "Femiminas". Kelly tried taking porno pictures of me peeing. Niiiice, Kel. ;D (Maybe after finals, she'll be posting them up on her blog? But not the toilet one. That's just for our eyes. O_O Don't want to scare anyone. Muhaha!)

After dinner, everyone split like a banana, and herded over to Damon's house. That was fun, you guys!! Really!! Major workout out the cheek muslces. We got to see my BEAUTIFUL (beautiful, Sara. Beautiful.) MOTION SHOTS (OoOOhhhhh....aahhhhh......OoooOhhhhh) of Damon walking into the room and finding all of us pretty people sitting there. Lynette and I learned quite a bit on female anatomy. Was very surprised the guys didn't find it gross. haha.

Okay. Now, I am SOOO looking forward to the bonfire! My stomach has butterflies thinking of all the fun things happening this summer.

Thanks for the blessings, Heavenly Father. :D
You all have a good day now.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Today is Shelby's birthday. My parents told him he could pick any restaurant and he picked Olive Garden. (Btw, Sara, thanks for the directions. My mother appreciated it a whole lot cause she was so hungry and we were "lost" for a while. :D)

This was also my parent's first time, for a long while, to eat at an American restaurant besides IHOP and Carrow's. This was also their first time at Olive Garden.

So, we're driving down the 60 FWY...
My dad asks, "Where are we going?"
Shelby: Olive Garden.
- silence - and then you hear coming from the back seat....
Dad: But I don't like olives!!

So my dad, being as old as he is, forgot to bring his reading glasses so he couldn't read the menu. I had to like translate the whole menu in chinese. My mom was smart. She took one look at the menu and said, "Spaghetti and meatballs."

At the end of the meal...the water brings the check to us and puts in a couple of those Andes mint-choclate candies. My dad takes one and turns it over.
He chuckles and says: "Stupid waiter. He put butter with the check! Teehee."

Maan, my brother and I could not stop laughing. Har har har!!

Thursday, June 10, 2004

HeeLLLoOOoo WORLD...I'm baaaaacccckkkk!!

*sigh* I'm done! I'm finally done. Today was my last final. An 8 o' clock one. Came to work right afterwards. Nice thing about going to school so close to home. :D
I'm only working half day today. Gonna go home and REALLY TRULY clean my room.

It's gonna be fun! After I'm done with it, it's gonna have a sparkle, like they do in the commercials. Yay!

Tuesday, June 08, 2004


(Oh, and thanks Sara for dropping off the hawaiian punch somethin'. much appreciated.)
I'M DONE!! at least, with my nutrition final. The one I'm most worried about. 2 down, 2 more to go and I'm freee!! LIke a bird!

Goodness...I'm SO excited. :D Hello world! See you soon!!
(Thanks Sara for the call! So candy of you to remember.)

* So my mom made some chinese tamales for A. It was so sad. A had to honk and I had to go outside to give it to her. *sigh* What my mom says is true. My grandmas would not like it. OH welly.*

Monday, June 07, 2004

This morning, A called me and told me she was going to pick me up earlier for school today. There was something different about her voice. I asked her if everything was okay and she told me...

"My grandma passed away last night."

I was in shock. I just saw her grandma a couple of months ago, when she came to visit from Hong Kong. She feels sad. I feel sad. Finals is the LAST thing she needs.

I was going to make A's favorite Chinese snack that her grandma use to buy for her to eat, but I was told I can't.

All this Chinese superstition crap is just BS. A month. Psh.

okaay...no one updated their blog. I'm gonna go to bed then. ;D Haha!
Night young people!!

Have a frickin' good week!!


Sunday, June 06, 2004

Shelby just beat me up. Just cause he's taller.
But I had my revenge. With my Hi-Liter as my sword, I managed to Hi_Lite him to death!! Muahaha!!

But then he stole the Hi_Liter from me and turned it against me. So, I ran to my dad. >:)

My dad told him, "Stop beating up your sister." and turns his attention back to the TV to finish up watching the pre-recorded Laker game. (Who lost by the way.) Not much help.

So I ran back to my room and grabbed two paintbrushes from the beautiful pencil cup that Sara gave me a couple Christmases ago and painted his earlobe. I found his Achilles' Heel!! Muahaha.

I still lost, like the Lakers. BooOooo. I really should be studying. Chapter 9, Pg. 225.

I'm rollin'....
Just a random thought...

Cynthia says I look like Winnie Cooper, Wonder Years.

Uhh...I'll take that as a compliment?

Okay, I'm rolling again. Until I hit chapter 11. Then I'll roll some more tomorrow. *yawn*
fine. i've said what i needed. your choice, your decision, your responsibility to yourself, dear. Take cares, kay?

so right after writing the post down there...i went back to studying. this is what I read in my head when I was looking over my notes for my nutrition class.

It is suppose to read: "Iron = not much in breastmilk."

What I read:
"Grunions = not much in breastmilk"

Goodness. :P Where's my chapstick? Eee, dry skin. And this is me, procrastinating.
Ho hum hum Ho HO. Like me.
still rollin................

(Grunions, Grunions, Grunions everywhere. But not a drop to drink. And THAT'S, what a grunion looks like.)
So by Thursday, I will finally be done with this crap. *yawn*
Just took a quick nap. I reaaally needed it cause I was reading the same sentence over and over...
"This chapter is about healthy full-term infants born at 37 weeks of gestation or later..."

actually, make it half a sentence. I was reading the same half of a sentence over and over again. *yawn* again. I feel rather refreshed and revived. Yea baby!

Btw, people, update! update! and update! I've re-read Sara's quick update, Kelly's queston about why she's still blogging since blogger is picking on her. I've stared at Ra's Showcase friends picture forever. I've re-read Damon's Souplantation story and DB's casino outing at Schurr. Oh OoOohhh, she updated. HaHA! Something new to read! Grunion hunting, eh? I wonder what a grunion looks like. I'll google it later, when I'm re-reading all you guys blog. :D

Okay, Hollie. Look alive! Look alive! Finish reading the end of that sentence...
"...and healthy preterm infants born at 34 weeks or later." I'm on a roll.

MuHAhahHAhhhaa!! >:)

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Our convo on the clothes I want to get him from Hong Kong:

o ika: no gay looking shit
o ika: LOL
starmienite: i want to get you something you LIKE!!!
o ika: ha
starmienite: i just might end up getting you
starmienite: some "work" looking clothes
o ika: that's ur kinda clothes
o ika: i dont want
o ika: 3/4 length tops
starmienite: hahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!

Maan, I guess I really do have a "Hollie Style". Must add a little spice to it. I have a hot pink shirt. Will wear that to the Bonfire, that is, if I'm daring enough. Can't find where our BBQ pit is?....look for me!! The One with the Hot Pink Shirt!!

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I miss Pijun/Ice Cream/Baby Nightmare!!!