Saturday, April 30, 2005

There are almost no empty boxes on my calender for the next 2 weeks. I am about to drop dead...and it's not because I'm gorgeous. haHA. Lame joke.

(the torquoise ones are the Fun Ones)
May 2: CHDV 430 Parent-Interview due...
May 3: KIN 420 Mid-Term
May 5: HIST Mid-term
May 7: Children's Day w/ Sar and Damon 11:00 - 3:30
May 8: 40 Days of Purpose event - taking pictures for "The Table" church newsletter
May 9: CHDV 430 Midterm
May 10: CHDV 443 Midterm
May 12: KIN 420 Individual Presentation
May 13: Sara's Graduation
May 14: Go to Museum for Museum paper.
Sara's Graduation Dinner 5:00 P.M.
May 15: Ministry Fair - taking pictures for "The Table" church newsletter
May 24: Museum Term Papers due
May 25: Baby-Sit Paige and Evan (DB: Can you come? 3:30 - 6:30)
May 26: KIN 420 Group Presentation

I'm poooped just looking at it. Help.
And it does not help that my co-worker, Amy passed on her germs to me. I felt like crap this morning. They like to turn off the air COMPLETELY. Not air-CONDITIONING, just Air in general. Yesterday, there was no air coming into the room. We would turn it on and they would turn it off and on and off and on and off. And we wonder why everyone is taking turns getting sick.

Yesterday, Loann came into the room for all of 5 minutes searching for referrals and had to leave. She took the entire pile of referrals out of our room to search through, because she couldn't breathe in the room. She was getting dizzy.
Maybe for the past week I have been sleeping at 1-2 in the morning (and y'all know that is VERY UNLIKE ME! :D) to study and my immune system is weak. So I woke up this morning feeling like crap.

Thank you Sar and Damon for getting the Michael Buble tickets. Sorry about that!

(My brother and Dad are laughing like Hooligans. So LOUD. They are watching Kung Fu Hustle.
^_^ Is it really that funny?)

DB: Go for it, Lame-ass. You can get on that list no problem...if you just tried a teensy wit more. I believe you can fly. I believe you can touch the sky. Aite, essay?

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Helen just called me.

Dr. Ben Chong died on Saturday. =*********(
He was my FAVORITE doctor. Actually, he was everyone's favorite doctor. Even Pearl and she doesn't like any of the doctors, except for him. He was the only one that could change Pearl's foul moods with just a phone call. He was totally carefree and always happy and joking with you. You didn't feel like you are talking to a doctor. Hard to explain.

He reminds me of those cute little old grandpa's who say the funniest things ever without even knowing it. He was caring, just like a grandpa. I know he was ill for a while from brain cancer, but silly me...for some reason, I just assumed he was going to be okay because he was a neurologist. *sigh*

Like Helen's just part of the life.
I agree. The Circle of Life. Like on the Lion King.
I love Gilmore Girls.
I wish sold their series in Hong Kong. It'd be much cheaper than getting it here. Hmmm...I should try Thailand. Rach says the boot-leg industry has more of a variety there than Hong Kong. They should have it over there.

Okays. That's it. Yet another paper to write.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I have never received so many calls (whether it be a phone call, a work call, or a house call) in one day. I feel so popular. Y (^_^)Y

At work, everyone was looking for me. Weeelllllllllll, maybe not particurly cause they wanted to talk to me, they just needed help. Heeeeeee. But they kept me busy for a while.
(Sorry I ran off on you, mid-conversation, Kel. You were gone by the time I got back. )

So then...
My mom, aunty, grandma, shelby.

A few random phone calls from just Amy about this. I love Korea.
Then more than an hour long of good quality girl-talk with Helen. Then a house-call from Sara, whom I did not see for a good 2 weeks! Then another hour of good quality girl-talk with Kirsten. Then phone call from Amy about homework. Another phone call from Wei-Han about our assignment on Gilgamesh. A house-call from Amy and her friend Candy.

And now...currently on phone with Wei-Han...about Mr. Gilgamesh. I hate you. I'd much rather look at Mr.Hot Stuff in this. More pictures to follow.

Today was good. Good conversations. Good Korean soap. So far so good.

Oh Damon, by the way, I really liked that article on your blog.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Congrutulations, Sar!!!

I'm very proud of you, missy. This weekend, seriously, I will take you to get some ice-cream, to CELEBRATE!! ^_^

I still have 2 mid-terms the week after next, but what the hell. I have been cooped up here in my room all weekend. It does not seem like the weekend even came by cause I didn't see sara, damon, or jason. It just feels like one long week rolled into one.

I really should go back to studying. Either my teacher is really good or I am kidding myself, cause I have another mid-term tomorrow. I don't have that "butterflies-in-my-stomach" feeling that normally pushes me to study. I feel "prepared", but not confident. Oh wells. Amy wants me to wake her up in a half-hour. She's tired from all that studying too.

Okays. Here's the plan. Shower, read study guide one more time, and hit the sack. Wake up an hour earlier than usual tomorrow morning and study some more.

I'm outtie, like a bellybutton.

(Oh yea...Ice-Cream? Full House? Joan? This weekend? Yes? No?)

Monday, April 11, 2005

And Damon, not another word.

* * *

Hello Hollie,

Say " Jii-Shii !!" has invited you to join FOBtastic FOBs on MySpace.

MySpace Groups allow users to communicate on message boards, share pictures, journals and network. You may accept or deny this invitation below:

(Btw...I DO NOT look like that.) Posted by Hello

* * *

So I was on and I have a new friends request.

The Black Hollies

Yea-uh, girlfriend.
For Damon and his oldness...extra large font.

Yah...I should not have procrastinated as much as I did over the weekend. I didn't realize the crapload of stuff I had to do. I'm still on spring break mode. Damn. Okays. Fo reals. This weekend will consist of only hard-core studying and homeworkin' to make up for this past weekend. Too bad the weekend was good.

Everyone has at least one post in their entire blog that starts with...
(fill in the blanks)
"I really should be doing _________ right now, but instead, I'm blogging. Damn."

So my turn, yet once again. I really should be homeworkin' it right now, but instead, I'm blogging. Damn. More about my weekend when I actually have accomplished something.


Oh, and btw, I envy those who are graduating and never have to go back to school. I also envy those who are finished. Damn you. ^_^

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Kirsten just called me and told me to pick a color: red, blue, purple.
I tell her purple and ask what is it. (Y'alls thought I was going to pick blue, hmm? Well, I be spontaneous. Muhaha.)

This is what she tells me:
You use it everynight. It vibrates. Guess what it is.
(damn. Blogger just erased my entire entry.)

HaPpY BiRtHdAy, LoVe!

Sara & Damon says I need to update. They needs to update too, cause I've read those same posts a bazillion times already. TeeHEE.

Anywhoots, Mondays are my CHDV 430 class, from 4:20 - 8:10. It's one class per week system. For some reason, all the professors are having conferences out-of-town and are canceling classes at different times. I think everyone is getting it mixed, cause we didn't go to class on this past Monday thinking it was cancelled, but it wasn't. Oops. Turns out a few other people thought the same thing. NEXT monday is actually our day off. Then the Monday after that is our first mid-term. Great. We had a short lecture on the first day of the quarter and then the next time we meet, it's the mid-term. We are such boneheads. *Round of applause, pat on the back*

So yesterday, Ba~Boom and I hit up the newly built Hollywood Video on Beverly. Everything in there is 99 cents. New releases, old releases, Friends series, L-Word series (DB, one dollar only.) EVERYTHING. All for one dollah. One dollah a lot of money. You take your dollah and you go to da dollah store, you buy somefing else. (Russel Peters rules.) We raided that place. Between the 2 of us, we rented 10 dvds. Seriously, by the end of the weekend, our ojos are going to be O_O glowing with radiation from all that TV. We watched one yesterday, Le Divorce. It wasn't as good as we tought it would be. Sara thought it was kinda weird and I have to agree. I wanted to watch it cause I am reading the book and I have absolute no clue what is going on. I thought maybe watching the movie first would help, but no. The movie is just as weird as the book.

Okays. Time to get reading on that book I just finished photocopying.
Till then. I'm outtie.

Like a bellybutton.