Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Argh....where do I start?

Today was about THE most hectic day at work. I was only suppose to go in till 2 in the afternoon. Rachel had a trip to Disneyland and I was only there to cover for her, referral-wise (which has to be done daily) and that's it. As the same ol' story goes, I was not able to leave till about 15 minutes ago and it is about 6 o' clock in the EVENING right now. Patients everywhere are coming in so they can see the doctors before the holidays. I went through about 30 referrals today, plus serving her royalty, my manager doing everything and anything. It was non-stop today. I am so frickin' tired. I still have a damn term paper to write.

But in midst of all this chaos, I received 2 text messages that made me LOL and SMILE OUT LOUD:

From a vely special person:
...phone phone phone phone....you're on the phone phone. :D

This one got a woot! woot! outta me: <-- Naw seriously, I really DID smile out loud.

Now who won't say WOOT WOOT to that!! And we will be united once again!! Power to the Turkey who is bringing everyone home. To me, of course. ;D

Plans...we must make them. Call me people!

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

I was in psychology the other day and Professor Abdelhammid (<-- much easier than Tammy's last name.) was lecturing on sleeping. This girl raises her hand and tells the class that she has a friend that sleeps with her eyes open.

The Professor gets all grossed out and starts making fun of PEOPLE WHO SLEEP WITH THEIR EYES OPEN. Of course, I didn't laugh. Nothing funny about NORMAL things. ;D Heehee.

Life has been pretty good so far. Only 3 more weeks of schoool, including finals and I'm done done done!! I absolutely CANNOT wait. I found this recipe on how to make Cereal Christmas Wreaths that you can eat. Was thinking about making that with Paige. Looks pretty easy. Ha! Riite.

Some things on my mind and hopefully, after breakfast on Sunday with Sara will help clear things in my head. Really need to kinda, just talk it through.

As for now, that's it. I always come across fun stuff to write about for you guys to read when I have no access to a computer. So by the time I do have access to one, I have forgotten it already.

Oh wellies...till then. :D

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

hKaPpLe: wut cha doing
starmienite: studying for the KIN test tomorrow
hKaPpLe: crush calculator
hKaPpLe: try that

....so I did as I was told...and this was what i got....

CrushCalculator.com @ Pranks007.com

Opssss... You have been fooled!

An email with the information (on the right) [Who I entered into the boxes as my crushes] has been sent to Amy (apple@lunchpork.net) and anytime soon, he/she will know who your crushes are.

We are sorry and sincerely hope you don't mind! Just like Amy, you get a chance to fool others and get their crush list emailed to your mailbox!

You can't change the past but why not have some fun for yourself and fool someone else?

Click here to fool someone else!

If you are still confused, visit our CrushCalculator @ Pranks007.com website to get a detailed explanation on how the prank works.

.....HA....but I wasn't that stupid....my crush was......Vaness Wu!! Heh Heh. But that's kinda mean and sneaky though to send it to someone. That's kinda private. If you want to know, then ask. If they don't tell you, then leave it.

If I did put a real crush there, this would be the last thing I would do:
hKaPpLe: so i need the e-mail
hKaPpLe: n ur answers for midterm tomrorow


Tuesday, November 04, 2003


On Happy Pumpkin Day...
Boss left mighty early, leaving just me and Helen. woot woot! :D We were able to leave on time, on the dot at 6 o' clock. Hurried my ass up on home, so I could make some candy apples with Sara! Well, it didn't turn out the way it was suppose to. I just kinda ended up eating it like I did to a Caramel Apple pop. Just licking off the caramel. MmmMmmMm. In between Sara's "Hollie! That's TOO MUCH caramel!"& our "Is it suppose to look like that?" , kids were coming and going. A coming Pikachu stepped back cause I yelped, "IT'S PIKACHU!!!" Sara says I scared him. Heehee. Paige and Catalina stopped by. Yay! My aunty says mucho thanks for the Halloween goodies!! They were our last victims of the night.

We went to Blockbuster's to rent an appropriate movie for Pumpkin Night. We kinda got side-tracked and ended up renting "Down with Love." :*) Heehee. Sorry Sara...still can't figure who that chick is.
Can't wait to have Kelly and Ra back so we can have a Turkey Day? :D

On the Day after Pumpking Day...
Today was Loann's big day!! It was SOO much fun!! I arrived at work so Helen could do my hair. She was running an hour late, so we didn't really have that much time! Helen managed to get my vely vely fine hair to curl. She accidentedly sprayed mousse on the side of my face and Rachel said, "You could mess up your part. Don't mess up mine!" (She was my "make-up" lady. ) I felt like a movie star, being fussed over. Teehee. So we were done with both hair and makeup and was outta there in 15.

The wedding was held at Sam Woo Seafood Palace, in the Focus plaza on San Gabriel. Banquet was suppose to start at 6, we didn't get there till 7, we didn't eat till 8. Ha! :D We weren't that late. Heehee. We took a BUNCH of pictures to entertain ourselves. (What happened to all the fun pictures? Got lost somewhere when I e-mailed it to myself. Damn. ) :D

Everything was good (except the food and the music...they played this song in Chinese that's equivalent to the "Rocky" song. Why, I have NO idea. It made us laugh though as we each struck our kung-fu moves. WHaaAhhh..Bruce Lee style!)

We left around 11:30, with 2 drunks, a red-faced, red-eyed, red-necked itchy Karrie, a boss high on life, and us. What a crowd. :D